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6 Gifts With Sparkle For Garden Lovers

Unless they’re a vampire, most people love sunny days. And what better way to make them even more special than with a beautiful catcher that spreads the sun’s light even farther?

These 6 suncatchers will be welcome gifts for any garden lover.


Hummingbirds are wonderful to watch, flitting from flower and flower. Gardeners often grow plants specifically to attract hummingbirds, but depending on the season, these lovely birds can be hard to come by. This glass hummingbird will shine year-round. The colorful bird measures 4 inches and is hand-blown and hand-painted. And it’s holding onto a faceted jewel to bounce the light from the sun around the garden.


Some of my neighbors have been hanging homemade versions of this from their trees. As lovely as they are, this one looks nicer. The heart-shaped prism has lots of facets to bounce the light and is a nice hefty 1.77 inches wide. Above the heart is an additional piece of crystal with lots more points to bounce light from the prism into the garden. The suncatcher comes with a 7-inch stainless steel chain, so it’ll continue hanging in the garden for a while.

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If you’ve been following my posts on Wrapped In A Ribbon, you’ll understand why I love this one: Colors! This decoration puts 16 tear-shaped crystals inside a hanging diamond. Each prism is laser cut and has a clear bead hanging above it. The diamond-shaped hanger is water and rust proof, making it good for hanging in the garden until the paint wears away.


Peacocks have a majesty and beauty all their own, and it shines through in this suncatcher. The circular design is 9.78 inches in diameter, so the suncatcher is big enough to catch eyes as well as the sun. It’s hand-painted in gorgeous purple and turquoise. The chain can either be hung from a hook on a window or from a tree branch to add color outside.


Blue butterflies are a favorite of my mother, so they’ve been on my gift shopping list for a while. This one is beautiful, with different shades of blue covering the wings, complemented by tips of dark purple and bright red. The butterfly hangs from a silver chain to filter sunlight through it’s wonderful colors.

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For loved ones whose style is a bit more classical, this Tiffany-styled suncatcher is lovely. Like all the best Tiffany lampshades, this glass suncatcher has a symmetric design with lovely colors. The design features four hearts that kiss along their longest parts and point to a gold circle in the center. The colors are primarily yellow and green, with accents of blue, purple, red, and yellow. Gorgeous! It’s 12 inches in diameter and includes a chain for hanging.

Got a friend or loved one who likes some sparkle in their nature? Get them one of these wonderful suncatchers.

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