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5 Gifts to Make Coach Airline Travel Bearable

It’s a new year! Hopefully you have fun travel planned somewhere. But sometimes air travel can be less than ideal. Most of us have been there. We’re traveling and we’re crammed into the tiniest seat possible in the coach class of the airplane with virtually no leg room. And if the person in front of us decides to recline their seat, then we are in serious trouble. It’s cold on board. We’ve just had to pay an excess baggage fee. The worst part? We have two flights ahead for a total travel time of five or more hours! It’s going to be borderline miserable, but we can get through it. But what if travel could be better? What if when our special someone had a trip planned, we could buy them a few items to make their journey in coach class just a little bit (or a lot more) luxurious?

Airline travel was all the rage back in the 60s and 70s. I remember my first flight to Dayton, Ohio. It was a big deal, and my mom made sure my sister and I were dressed our very best. Now we kick back in our yoga pants and try to be as comfortable as possible. We here at Wrapped in a Ribbon have come up with some really fun (and useful) gift ideas that will make any traveler in your life just a little bit more comfortable.


I won’t lie. One of my biggest annoyances when I get on a plane is where to put my brand new Starbucks coffee that I’ve just purchased to help me through the flight. I get into my seat, and between trying to fasten my seat belt and store my carry-on luggage, my hot, steaming cup of coffee becomes worse than an infant I need to look after. I don’t want to spill it because I want to drink it, but there is nowhere to put it! And then, when I finish it (or just have a tiny bit left), I have to wait for the flight attendant to come collect the trash. What I need is a drink holder!

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The Vector Cup Holder is the solution! It’s compact for transport and will clip onto the armrest or the tray table in flight, allowing you to sit back and relax while your coffee cools to the drinking point. No more worrying about your Starbucks spilling everywhere. This cup holder has you covered!


A huge concern with air travel is dehydration. And with the tiny amount of water given during the beverage service (if there is one), the risk of not getting enough water is a real one. The solution? Buy your special someone a reusable water bottle to take with them on their journey. They can pass through security with it empty and then fill it at a water fountain or water bottle filling station before getting on the flight. Our recommendation for the best spill-proof water bottle to travel with is the Zorri Sports Water Bottle. Available in a bunch of different colors, you can gift the perfect color. Also its slim design allows for it to easily fit in the side of a backpack or travel bag.


How much does the checked bag weight? Is it 51 pounds or 48? Can you fit one more pair of shoes inside, or do you need to pull out a couple books? I’ve gotten on a scale and weighed myself then me holding my luggage at least thirty too many times. It’s inaccurate, awkward, and a complete pain in the rear end. And then I learned about luggage scales. Simply strap this on to your piece of luggage and lift it, and it will give you an accurate weight for your bag. No more guessing. No more scrambling at the airport. The luggage scale is the best invention since the instant coffee maker, and you and your special someone do not want to be without one when traveling. The Etekcity is a great and reliable choice, though other brands and options are available.

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I get so cold on airplanes, even in the summer, but the last thing I want to do is drag along a bulky blanket to keep myself warm. A travel blanket is a great choice for your special someone who is getting ready to travel. With a blanket, if that annoying person next to you insists on pointing their fan directly at you, you won’t get cold. High altitude? You won’t get cold. Forty degree drop in temperature? You won’t get cold. There are all sorts of options when it comes to travel blankets, but here at Wrapped in a Ribbon, we recommend the BlueHills Premium. It comes in a huge variety of colors and folds up into a neat little travel pillow. It has a strap to easily hook over your other suitcases so you won’t ever lose it, and it also has a backpack clip. Don’t let your special someone travel without one.


I’m kind of simple when it comes to travel pillow, but I also don’t want my head bobbing forward. The last thing I want to do is try to catch a nice nap on an airplane only to wake up feeling worse than when I started out. The BCOZZY travel pillow offers chin support, promising to let your special someone get the nap of their dreams (pun intended) while on the airplane. It comes in a variety of colors and also is sized for adults (average or XL) and children. With wrap-around neck support, your traveler is going to thank you when they wake up from their perfect sleep.

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