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6 Gifts to Celebrate Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! If you are going to any kind of gathering today, I’m suggesting you stop and pick up a pie to bring along. No matter how un-nerdy the crowd, everyone loves pie, and the math nerds will appreciate you more than you know (of which I am one, just for the record. Being a math nerd is cool!).

In the off chance you don’t know what Pi Day is, here’s a brief history in one paragraph. Pi is this number from math that never ends (which means it’s irrational, kind of like my teenage daughter). The value of Pi is 3.1415926535… (the three dots means that it goes on forever and ever and ever). Most people simplify and shorten it to 3.14. Oh, look at that. It looks the same as March the 14th (3/14). So you get it now? Pi Day is March 14th!

Even if you’ve chosen to block every math class ever taken out of your mind, you may still remember the formula to calculate the area or perimeter of a circle. Remember that strange little Greek letter in the formulas? Yeah, that’s Pi! Here are five interesting facts about Pi.

  1. Pi is ancient. The Babylonians had a version of Pi from the 2nd millennium BC. They approximated it with 25/8. We sometimes use 22/7. Not bad for math four thousand years ago!
  2. In 2016 a scientist used a computer to calculate Pi to over 22 trillion digits. This is the world record for how many digits Pi has been calculated to.
  3. Math geeks love memorizing and reciting Pi. Some guy from India once recited Pi for 17 hours (to 17,000 digits). I’d love to memorize to about 100 digits. It’s been on my list of things I want to do (ever since I listened to the audiobook Moonwalking with Einstein).
  4. Science and math nerds use Pi like an Easter eggs in movies and TV shows (think Star Trek, Contact).
  5. We really only need about 15 digits of Pi for our most serious and important calculations (like calculating the size of the universe). Precision does have a limit it appears.
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Okay, now that we’ve learned a little about Pi, it’s time to celebrate Pi Day! Here are some fun gifts to help you celebrate! Don’t miss out on this fun day to celebrate and spread a little Pi love!



Let’s start with this amazing pie dish. Yes, you could opt for a round pie dish (see below), but this one is shaped like the symbol itself! Not only does this mean nerdy awesomeness, it also means more crust!



For the kid in your life, the Sir Cumference books are always fun. They are filled with math puns and funs and sure to bring a smile to adult’s faces as they read aloud!



I don’t personally wear ties, but this Pi Tie is pretty sweet. It has this amazingly professional look to it, it’s classy, and it’s nerdy. Total win for your tie-pi-loving special someone!



Disclaimer. I own this shirt. I love this shirt. There is something so fun about owning nerdy things that the average non-math-loving person doesn’t understand. Get Real. You need to gift this shirt to someone in your life!

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When it comes to Pi Pie dishes, this is my absolute favorite. It’s great for display, and if you choose to bake a pie in it, it has the numbers around the edge to they’re visible while the pie is in place, and the numbers and symbol underneath to be seen as the pie is eaten. A perfect Pi gift!



Pi earrings are a win. First off, I love the green background color. Second off, I love that they have the numerical value in addition to the symbol. And third, I don’t have Pi earrings and I’m willing to bet that your Pi lover doesn’t either.

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