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6 Gifts for People Who Love Thin Mint Cookies

There’s something about the image of the green box of Thin Mint cookies that brings fond childhood memories and happiness for me. I remember so well hauling my wagon around the neighborhood selling Girl Scout cookies, and when my daughter was younger and I was (somehow roped into being) the cookie Mom for our Girl Scout troop, I had the pleasure of reliving the experience. Thin Mints were the favorite back when I was young, and Thin Mints continue to be the favorite. Sure, people enjoy other Girl Scout cookies A LOT, but overall, it was the Thin Mints we always had to order more of.

In case you were curious, here are some fun facts about Girl Scout cookies!

  1. 1939 is when the first Girl Scout chocolate mint cookie appeared.
  2. The name became Thin Mints in 1963. Before that they were Cooky Mints and Chocolate Mints.
  3. Honey Boo Boo was banned from selling signed boxes of Girl Scout cookies.
  4. When Girl Scout cookies first started, they were 23 cents a box.
  5. WWII brought a cookie shortage and people were limited to 2 boxes each!

Even if they are not your jam, I am going to make a guess here that someone you know loves Thin Mints. These delicious cookies aren’t available year round, but you could bring some minty love into your special someone’s life by gifting them something perfect for Thin Mints fans. I’ve come up with some of my favorite below!

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Even when they are no longer officially being sold, the Internet provides. Stay traditional and gift your special someone Thin Mints! Four boxes delivered right to their door, and they will never be so happy to open a present.


KitKats for Thin Mint Cookies fansKITKAT MINT AND DARK CHOCOLATE

KitKats are amazing and Thin Mints are amazing, and these Mint and Dark Chocolate KitKats are kind of like the love child of the two. You can order these in regular size or King Size (personally, when it comes to KitKats, I prefer the regular size). The bar is half covered in Mint Creme and half in Dark Chocolate. A win, but make sure to order when it’s not blazing hot out so these delicious candy bars don’t melt.



We all have that person in our lives who eats healthy, putting the rest of us to shame, but even this healthy person might enjoy a cookie here and there. That’s whey there is such a thin as Back to Nature Plant Based Snacks Fudge Mint Cookies. These exist for a reason, and this reason is so you can gift them to your healthy friend who misses eating Thin Mints.

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The Milano cookie has been a favorite forever. My mom used to bring these home on rare occasion, and somehow the bag of cookies is empty almost before it was opened. Still, they are amazing, and your Thin Mint Cookies love is going to be over the moon excited when you gift them a bag of Mint Chocolate Milanos!



Oreos are perfection already, but make them filled with mint and cover them in dark chocolate, and it’s like a slice of heaven in every little bite. They look great! They taste amazing! And you can get them gift wrapped and delivered right to your special cooking-loving someone!



I am crazy curious about these Thin Mints Chickpea snacks. They’re described at crispy chickpeas dunked in dark chocolate with tons of mint and that sound pretty amazing to me. Let’s file these away on the side of “healthy sounding” snack. Gift them to someone who loves to try new foods and also enjoys a tasty sweet treat!

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