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6 Gifts for People Who Love Purple Rain

Happy Mardi Gras! Mardi Gras makes me think of green and purple, and purple makes me think of Purple Rain. And so here we are, looking at gifts that your Prince fan is going to love! I adored Prince as a teen. Yes, I still bemoan getting rid of my LPs, but it felt right at the time. No regrets.

Prince is kind of one of those pop culture icons that will be revered through time. People young and old think he’s amazing, and just hearing the first few notes of Purple Rain still gives me chills every single time. Hang on…playing it as I finish this post. Okay, now that I have the music going, let’s get on with the gifts! If you have a Prince fan out there, I’ve come up with some amazing gifts just for them. From LPs to earrings, let’s get started.



It only makes sense to start with the classic. If you have a Prince fan, you cannot go wrong with this classic LP. With songs like Let’s Go Crazy, When Doves Cry, and the ultimate Purple Rain, well, just typing this post, I know what I’m listening to for the next couple days. Buy the LP for your Prince lover. They will be over-the-moon happy!

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Honestly, I feel like I could just post the picture, and that would be all the words needed, but I’ll make an attempt to contribute to the overall awesomeness here. Okay, POP figure, Prince with a Guitar, Classic Purple Rain outfit…what else can I say? If your special someone loves Prince, this POP figure is it!



Yeah, what I said above applies here, too. I don’t think words are needed. Remember when Prince changed his name to a symbol? Well now your special someone can wear that symbol (in purple) as earrings. They’re super lightweight, super amazing, and I don’t think you can even pronounce the symbol (am I right?). Love!



Maybe you’re trying to go a little bit for the more practical. Your Prince lover is always on the computer. Well then a mouse pad is a great choice! Vibrant colors, classic album cover, overall awesome. Your special someone who loves Prince will be able to admire the artwork while they’re working all day long.



I need to start out by saying that I have owned this T-shirt for years. I love this T-shirt. I wear it to school visits and get serious cred with the middle school kids. I love the mashup of Prince crying and the purple rain falling. It’s kind of perfect. Make sure to order the right color, size, and gender that your special someone prefers.

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And finally, if you’re looking for something a little more handmade, then this Christmas ornament is the bomb. Handmade out of polymer clay, each ornament is one of a kind. It stands about 3 inches tall, and is going to look amazing on your Prince lover’s Christmas tree. Actually, they will probably love it so much that they’ll keep it out year round. And if you like it, there are other Prince styles of a similar make (though it is hard to beat Purple Rain).

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