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6 Gifts for People Who Love Pokemon

Happy National Pokemon Day! I’m not sure about you guys, but when Pokemon Go hit the app store, I was downloading that and at the park, walking around, seeing what I could catch. The whole thing was timed perfectly, too, as I was traveling to Italy a few weeks later and was able to catch Pokemon all around Rome, at the Colosseum, the Forum, the Vatican. Talk about icing on the cake of the Italy trip. And then, when I caught Pikachu and sent the picture to my kids while they were at school…best day ever! Okay, I digress. But my point is coming through. So many people played Pokemon Go. So many people love Pokemon. And I am willing to bet there is someone in your life who is among these fans. If so, today is the best day ever for gift giving, and I’ve got some fun Pokemon gifts for you to choose from. Old school or brand new, we here at Wrapped in a Ribbon have you covered!



You can never go wrong with a Pop figure. Seriously, no matter the occasion or person you are shopping for, there is a Pop figure for anything and everything. Pokemon is no exception. There are a bunch of Pop figures available for Pokemon, but I’ve gone with our favorite, Pikachu, waving hello. Gift this to someone, and every time they look at it, it is bound to make them smile.

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If you have a true Pokemon fan on your hands (and they don’t already own this book), then be the hero and gift it to them. Every Pokemon fan should have an essential handbook. Oh wait, I mean a Super Deluxe Essential Handbook (not to be confused with just a mere essential handbook). At almost 500 pages, this book is the best out there for your collector. It’s available in paperback or spiral bound, so pick which you think they’ll like having the most.



Sound quality is rated pretty awesome for these headphones, but I’d get them just for how amazingly cool they look. Bright yellow with Pikachu on the ears, they’re kid and parent friendly (with parent volume control). You can get them at a crazy reasonable price, making them the perfect gift for that Pokemon fan (kid or adult). They have a standard headphone jack, so keep that in mind and purchase an adapter, too, if the person you’re buying for has some fancy new device with no standard headphone input. Rock out with Pikachu!



I am such a fan of nerdy mashup T-shirts, and some of my favorites are the beer mashups (okay, I’ll have to do a post on that in the very near future – writing it on my list). Anyway, I love this Pikachu Thunderstrike Beer T-shirt, with its bright yellow label logo. You can get this shirt is a few different colors and styles, so make sure to pick the right one for your special someone. I’m personally thinking the charcoal color is pretty sweet.

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Your special someone can not only enjoy Pokemon, with this book, they can learn to draw Pokemon. Channel their love and obsession into art with this How To Draw Pokemon book. With over 50 Pokemon they can draw, it’s the number 1 unoffical Learn to Draw Pokemon book out there. Easy to follow instructions will provide hours and hours of entertainment. And if you want to just get this for yourself instead, nobody will judge. Drawing Pokemon is the best!



Okay, these bath bombs are the bomb! (you see what I did there?) No, but in all seriousness, how fun is this pack of bath bombs? With six in the pack, each one comes with a special Pokemon surprise inside. In case you’re worried about skin reactions, they’re made with natural and organic ingredients and in general don’t cause allergic reactions (but if you are sensitive, please check the ingredients!). Make bath time fun again…Oh, wait, bath time is already fun. Make bath time MORE fun!

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