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6 Gifts for People Who Love Margaritas

It’s National Margarita Day! That means a few things. 1) It is the perfect day to drink Margaritas! 2) It is the perfect day to buy a gift for a friend who loves Margaritas! and 3) All of the above!

I’ve had many a fun evening (or afternoon) enjoying margaritas with friends. There’s something about the salt on the rim and the icy cool sweet beverage that brings to mind happiness and friends. The beach. Companionship. Sand and sun. Palm trees. Okay, yeah, the list could go on. Let’s face it. Margaritas are the bomb, and we should all celebrate National Margarita Day! why not get started by gifting someone who loves margaritas one of these fun and festive gifts? I’ve come up with some fun ones. Then get ready to help celebrate with them!



When your margarita lover is serving up these tasty treats, they’re going to love having choices when it comes to salt on the rim. Why not gift them a variety pack of sugar/salt in four delicious flavors: Divine Watermelon, Lip-smacking Mango, Pinapple Galore, and Cucumber Extravaganza. Sounds pretty yummy, right? Each is a great combination of salty, sour, and hard crushed sugar candy. If you ask very nicely they may even invite you over for some samples!

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Well, being the Judy Blume fan that I was growing up, the title of this book immediately caught my attention. Are You There God? It’s Me Margarita is not a pre-teen coming of age story. It’s a fun cocktail book with puns, fun commentary, and drinks such as Fifty Shades of Grey Goose, The Handmaid’s Ale, and Little Soused on the Prairie. 49 recipes with fun illustrations. This is sure to be a hit!



Cactus margarita glasses are a sure hit for your margarita lover. You can get this great set of 4, making it the perfect accessory for that fun night of margaritas with friends. Dishwasher and freezer safe, so frozen beverages can be enjoyed and then cleaned up easily. Also fun and festive as holders for chips and salsa/guacamole.



If your special someone likes margarita mix but doesn’t always want to commit to opening a giant bottle of it, they no longer have to. There is such a thing as margarita mix in a bag! 12 ounces of awesome makes for less commitment, easier travel, and tons of fun. Just add liquor and water, and shake, freeze, or squeeze (or on the rocks!).

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For the serious margarita lover, this insulated tumbler is the perfect gift. This 10 ounce tumbler comes with a clear plastic lid, making it perfect for bringing to the pool, the neighbors, the kid’s soccer games…basically anywhere a margarita is needed. It comes in a huge variety of colors, so pick your margarita lover’s favorite color, and watch them enjoy!



Finally, there is always room for one more pair of socks. If you know someone who loves margaritas and tacos, then these socks were meant to be a part of their life. And hey, if margaritas and tacos happen to not be there thing, there are a whole bunch of other designs to pick from, including fun favorites like Beer Pong and Corndogs.

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