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6 Gifts For People Who Love Lord of the Rings

I’m pretty sure there could be a million posts on gifts for people you love Lord of the Rings. I’ll start with this one. I’ve loved Lord of the Rings just about forever, and I am so not alone. If you’ve ever thought to look for some Lord of the Rings gifts for your special someone, there are about a million things to choose from. I’m thinking that we’ll do a few posts, bringing you some amazing choices when you’re looking for gifts. The best thing about Lord of the Rings fans is that they love pretty much everything when it comes to merchandise. You can’t go wrong. I’ve collected together some of my favorites, some of which I own, some of which I can see coming into my life very soon. If you have some favorite Lord of the Rings gifts I’d love to know what they are!


Lord of the Rings GiftsMOLESKIN NOTEBOOK

I am a complete sucker when it comes to notebooks, and when you combine Moleskin with Lord of the Rings, it is a sure hit for any fan of the series. I have these notebooks, though The Hobbit incarnation of them, and I absolutely adore them. There is such nice small attention to detail. Check the images on the page as it comes with some cool extras including the Cirth Alphabet. You really can’t go wrong with this!

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Lord of the Rings GiftsNIGHT LIGHT

For the young one you want to make sure grows up to be a LOTR fan, this nightlight is about the coolest thing in the world. It comes in seven different color gradients that you can change with the push of a button. Okay, I said it was for younger fans, but I honestly think any true LOTR fan would think this is about the neatest gift ever!


Lord of the Rings GiftsBATHROOM WALL ART

If I were decorating a kids’ bathroom these days, these three pictures would completely be on the wall! You shall not pass until you brush your teeth! Wash your Po-ta-toes! And maybe the best, My precious toilet paper, so fitting given pandemic toilet paper buying. Love so much!


Lord of the Rings GiftsBALROG POP

I have to include yet another LOTR item that I own which is this amazing Balrog. Ever since the Balrog appeared in the movie, I’ve been fascinated by it. I went back and re-read the Silmarillion to learn more about it and the lore behind it. I googled to see if it was based on real myth. And of course I bought this amazing POP figure for myself. Your Lord of the Rings fan will love this!

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Kind of like with the Balrog, once I heard of mithril, I had to learn more about it. I adore this shirt. The simple sheer fandom of it is perfect. Fans will get it. Others will wonder what mithril is. Wear with or without your real mithril shirt underneath (depends on if you think you’ll be fighting any cave trolls).



And yes, I’m including one more thing that I own which is this amazing travel poster, printed on canvas. Visit the Elves in historic Rivendell! Yes, please! I saw this at a bed and breakfast I stayed at and immediately ordered one for myself. I adore the colors and the lines and the fun of it all!

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