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6 Gifts For People Who Love Gin

Tomorrow happens to be National Aviation Day! And when I think of Aviation, after a recent trip to Specs, I now think of Aviation Gin. But why keep it narrowed to just Aviation Gin? I thought it would be so much more fun to celebrate Gin in general. Gin gifts make great gifts and there are so many fun ones to choose from. Some taste great! Some will make your special someone the perfect cocktail maker. And some will teach your special someone how to make gin themselves. Check out some of the gin gifts I’ve found, and if you have one to share, please do so!

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I’ve recently become a fan of cocktail recipe books, and I can see the joy in having many different ones! I love this botanical cocktails recipe book, complete with 60 recipes for delicious and pretty cocktails. Including beautiful illustrations and tidbits of history of gin, this book is a great choice in your assortment of gin gifts.

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I have a love for puns, which I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before, and as such, when it comes to gin gifts, I love this G & Tea teapot and teacup set. Whether you choose to use it to make tea or cocktails, it’s going to be a perfect choice for entertaining someone else with that love of gin.



If you’re shopping for someone who maybe wants to be a little more hands-on when it comes to drinks, this gin-making kit is a fun choice! It’s not only great for an introduction on how to make gin itself, it will teach your special someone some fantastic cocktails recipes after that, making them an official mixologist.



If you are in the market for gin gifts but you don’t want to just go with plain alcohol, this candy bento box made by Aviation Gin is going to be a huge hit! It comes with three flavors of gin-inspired gummies that work well either with a cocktail or all by themselves!



It’s always fun to have the right glass for the right occasion, and this lowball glass is perfect! Let the good time be Gin! Get it? Be gin! It’s a pun and it’s pretty and it’s useful. Those are like three perfect things in a gift. Perfect for the gin lover in your life!

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And last on our list of gin gifts is the perfect gin mixologist glass, complete with measurements and recipes for all sorts of drinks built right into the glass! I love the cleverness of these cocktail glasses. Also, if gin isn’t your thing (and you’ve read this far into the post), then check out the other alcohols available, including, rum, tequila, and vodka!

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