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6 Gifts for People Who Love Comic Books

It’s Free Comic Book Day, which means in normal times, comic book stores all over the country would be giving away free comic books to people who stopped by. I’m not quite sure how that’s going to look this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate with some comic book gifts of our own. There are so many people out there (maybe you!) who love comic books. Some collect the way old vintage ones. Some are all about new and exciting possibilities. I adore going to comic cons and seeing booth after booth of comic books for people to peruse. There is something perfect for everything, which is I think what makes it such a fun hobby. If there’s someone in your life who loves comic books, it’s a great day to gift them a comic book themed gift. Whether they want to be a creator some day or are happy showing their fandom, we’ve got you covered here at Wrapped in a Ribbon. And if you have a favorite comic book themed gift, I’d love to know what it is. Please share!



If you have a comic book lover who happens to be expecting a little bundle of joy, this onesie is about the cutest thing ever when it comes to comic book gifts! It comes in a bunch of different sizes and colors, making it easy to match their nursery. Wait. Is there nursery comic book themed by any chance, because if so, then this is even more perfect. I love the simple black, but the football stripes on the sleeve (one of the options) is sure cute. It so hard to choose!

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For the Batman fan who also enjoys a nice hot beverage, this mug is what they need. I’m thinking that Batman’s drink is always the perfect temperature, and your comic book fan’s drink will be, too, with this awesome insulated mug. It’s officially licensed, holds 15 ounces, and has a great grip. Heck, any coffee drinker would love this thing, Batman or not.



So I already have a wallet, but this one is just so freaking cool looking, with it’s Marvel comics printed on the sides and it’s slim design. It’s bi-fold style with plenty of room for all sorts of credit cards and a driver’s license. And if this design isn’t all that for you, check the options because there’s another (featuring the Thor comic prominently). It’s also got great reviews and is built to last!



It’s great to read comic books, but sometimes people just want to create their own. With this amazing sketchbook, that task becomes so much easier. The pages are already laid out in a bunch of different templates, so your creator and doodle different stuff on each page or create an entire story from the beginning to the end. I adore these books because they encourage creativity and make anyone feel like they can be an artist (which they can!).

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If you’re looking for more of a coffee table fun book for your special someone, the latest in the series of regrettable ones is The League of Regrettable Sidekicks. From Stampy and Frosting to Fatman and more, this beautiful book is filled with enough ridiculous sidekicks to keep your comic book fan engaged, laughing, and learning. There are more than 100 regrettable sidekicks in here, each with their own ridiculous backstory. Fun for all!



Last but possibly my favorite is this throw pillow cover. I just love the comic book single words sayings (is there a special name for this? I’m guessing the answer is yes.) like BANG and POW! They’re colorful and full of action, and if you have a comic book fan that you’re shopping for, this throw pillow is going to look amazing in their family room, bedroom, or just on a favorite chair. If this one isn’t your favorite, also check the sponsored products related to it, because there are tons of amazing ones!


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