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6 Gifts for People Who Love Chickens

Happy National Poultry Day! We all have people who love chickens, and because of this there is no shortage of chicken gifts you can give to them for pretty much any occasion. There’s been a huge increase in people who keep their own chickens these days. I’ve considered it, but with two dogs and two tortoises, I’m not sure that I’m committed to having more life forms depending on me for my survival. That said, I eat eggs pretty much every single day, and having chickens that were able to produce eggs for me would be actually very cool. Do you have chicken? Give me your thoughts?

Here are some fun facts about chickens!

  1. Chickens can actually remember human faces (up to about 100). So if you do get your own chickens, they will see you each morning and smile with happy recognition.
  2. Chickens can solve puzzles and have good memories. Maybe you could get chickens and get some puzzles so you all can spend quality time together.
  3. Chickens will talk to you and keep you company. Okay, kind of. But they do have lots of different calls, and this is their way of talking, so smile and talk back. The neighbors won’t mind.
  4. The color of a chicken’s earlobes determines the color of their eggs. It makes me wonder if my eggs are the same color as my earlobes.
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Okay, now that we’ve learned some fun facts about chickens, let’s think of our special someone who loves chickens. This person is awesome and amazing. And this person definitely would love a chicken gift. I’ve found some of my favorites to share with you!


Wine Glass Chicken GiftWINE GLASS

I believe I’ve mentioned that I enjoy a glass of wine here or there, and maybe your chicken-loving special someone does also. This stemless wineglass is amazing because it pretty much summarizes how many of us feel after we’ve had that first delicious glass of wine: I don’t give a cluck!



I recently got some rain boots (my first pair) and I’m not quite sure how I have managed without them for so long. I use them to take the dogs out, check on the tortoises, and pretty much anytime I have to go outside when it is raining. If you have a chicken lover in your life, they are going to love these boots! They do come in yellow chickens also, and there are some other designs including cows and goats, so check options before you buy!



I adore this novelty chicken sign, and when I finally do get chickens, you can bet I’m getting it. Perhaps I won’t even wait for chickens. It’s that cute! Rise and Shine Cluckers is only one of the sayings available, so make sure to check options before buying and pick the one that is perfect for your chicken-loving someone.

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Kitchen Chicken GiftMEASURING CUPS

Your chicken lover is going to need measuring cups as they prepare all sorts of delicious chicken and egg dishes, and these measuring cups are darling. They’d look great as a useful decoration on the counter and come three to a set. Also they’re made out of safe plastic and nest like darling Russian nesting dolls.


Rooster Purse Chicken GiftCHICKEN PURSE

I realize this is a rooster, not a chicken, but I seriously cannot pass up including this in the post. This purse is darling, and I kind of want it now. But OMG check out the other designs they have available also (including the unicorn). Pretty much anyone who needs a cute small purse will love one of these, and when you gift them one, you’ll love watching them smile.



As our final chicken gift, I could not pass up this cookbook. I recently finished Fifty Shades of Grey (which keep in mind how many people have read – all those people will love this cookbook). This book is such a perfect parody from the cover design of the trussed up chicken to the recipes inside, including Dripping Thighs and Mustard-spanked chicken. There are fifty fun recipes in all, each more seductive than the last!

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