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6 Gifts for Myself to Celebrate My Birthday

Hey, gifters! Happy Birthday to me! It’s that special day that comes once a year, and I’m happy to celebrate it with you all. So I was supposed to be in DisneyWorld right now celebrating on an amazing girls’ trip, but it seems that will have to wait until the fall. Having a birthday during the pandemic is a little strange. Gifts for myself feel so frivolous. Presents for others? That’s totally amazing and awesome. Still, the end is (hopefully) in sight, and with that in mind, the time is going to come when I’ll have to get back out in public for all sorts of fun events.

As a celebration for my birthday, I’m making the most delicious cake ever (I’ll try to remember to post pictures on Facebook). And as part of the fun, I came up with a small list of things that I want 🙂 Gifts for myself. Do I need any of these things? No. But presents should be a little bit fun, not always practical, and should bring happiness. If you have a pandemic birthday, I’d love to know what’s on your list!



Not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but I am a huge fan of Vans. I had Vans way back in the 80s. One pair was purple and one was red. I adored them, and I seriously can’t remember why or when I got rid of them. Thankfully I’ve restocked on my amazing Vans, but the best thing about Vans is that there is always room for one more pair. And if that pair can do some good, then all the better. Vans is running a really cool campaign to support small businesses. Custom Vans for so many different businesses in so many different cities are available. For Austin, Texas, which is where I live, it’s Mohawk. They came up with these crazy awesome custom shoes which would look absolutely amazing on me. And if you want to check out all the cool options for all the businesses, you can find them here. Oh, wait, you want my size? For Vans, I wear a Size 6 (mens)/7.5 (womens).

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I first heard of The Legging Lass at Greater Austin Comic Con. I bought my first pair of nerdy leggings (Wonder Woman I believe), and from that point on I was hooked. I’m up to six pairs of leggings, but like Vans, there is always room for more. One of the great things about supporting the Legging Lass is that you’re supporting a small business owner and a creator. The site is password access only at this point, but you can join the Facebook group and get approved that way. Trust me, if you decide to try a pair of these amazing leggings yourself, you will not be sorry! And if you’re so inclines to gift me a pair of these, I wear the OS in the normal legging or the capri. Pockets are great but not required.



I’ve wanted this print since the moment I saw it, and when I finally remodel my bathroom, I will get it! In the meantime, I can share it here with the world. How clever is this Taking a Sith print? And if it’s not cool enough, there is a companion Dropping a Bounty one that is going to make for a perfect pair. It comes in different sizes and options, but since it’s my birthday, I’m saying that I want the big one stretched on canvas!

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Next to Vans, Doc Martens are my favorites! They’re comfy and sturdy and look so cool. I want every color out there! Okay, I’d be happy with these smooth white leather ones, with the yellow stitching of course. Not the platform ones. My daughter has those in black, and I feel like she’s walking around with ankle weights on all the time. And my size in Docs? That would be a women’s 7.



One I discovered leggings with pockets and the fact that I could conveniently carry my cell phone around at all times while working out, OMG my life was changed. Whether I’m at the gym or out for a walk, pockets are the best! I can carry whatever I want around in my nasty little pockets (LOTR reference for those who don’t quite get it). Also, Fabletics are so comfortable and really perfect for exercising. They fit great, are top quality, and are kind of cute, too. For these, I wear a medium.



I was recently gifted a turntable (which I love!) and gifted some of the Doors albums I used to have back in the day (but remastered to sound amazing). One of my favorite albums was Led Zeppelin IV. I loved the interior. Stairway to Heaven was my favorite song. Albums used to be works of art, and it makes me kinda happy that they’re making such a comeback. I love Houses of the Holy, but Zeppelin IV was my favorite of all of them.

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