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6 Gift Signs That Make Great Laundry Room Decorations

This week is National Laundry Day. Seeing as how it’s National Laundry Day, I decided to look around for some cute laundry room decorations. Around my house, we have so much laundry, that it often feels like every day is National Laundry Day. It’s like this unending stream that is constantly on the repeat cycle. Seeing as how so much time is spent in the laundry room, I’ve revamped mine a few times. About 20 years ago, I knocked out a closet and made it twice as big. I painted it yellow and put up a cute wallpaper border. I took down the wallpaper border and painted it white and red. I hung a piece of my daughter’s school artwork. It’s transformed over the years and I’m sure it will continue to transform in the future. I have no idea why I have never done this before, because there are SO MANY! So I decided to go with just signs for this post. If you have some laundry room decorations you love, I’d love to hear about them!


Cute laundry room decorationLOST SOCKS

I finally went through my sock drawer and identified all my socks that are missing their mate. It’s about 15! I have no idea where the mates to these socks have gone. Have they all run off together? Have they been eaten by the washing machine? Or did they get stuck to my son’s underwear and are not trapped in his room forever? This sign is a darling laundry room decoration that is fun and useful, because maybe seeing the missing socks will actually make them somehow appear like magic. Or maybe not. Either way, I love it!

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Laundry room decorationLAUNDRY SCHEDULE

I giggle at the idea of a laundry room schedule. I don’t sort (so my whites are never white). I do wash. And folding takes me forever. Laughing at the ironing. Does anyone still iron clothes? No matter what kind of laundry schedule your special someone is on, this sign is a great laundry room decoration they’re sure to love!



If only everyone in my household believed laundry was self-service. Life would be good. The best part about having laundry at home is that it is open 24 hours a day (or maybe that’s the worst). Anyway, if you are looking for a cute laundry room decoration for someone in your life, this one is charming and attractive. There’s also a bathroom option, so make sure to check that one out also.


Alexa Laundry room decorationALEXA

Having an Alexa (or five) myself, this may be my favorite sign of the bunch. So many times I almost ask Alexa to do things I know she is not capable of doing. (Truth: sometimes I do ask, just because.) If Alexa could do the laundry, I would be all in, but in the meantime, I will settle for this fun laundry room decoration. If laundry is not your special someone’s thing, make sure to look through the options (like Alexa, make my coffee). A sign for every room in the house perhaps?

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There are lessons to be learned anywhere, and the laundry room is no exception. From things like “Wash your cares away” to “Sort out life one load at a time,” this cute sign is full of fun advice. It you’re shopping for laundry room decorations for a special someone, this sign is a super fun choice!



I admit that I have pretty much no idea what all those symbols mean when I’m doing laundry. I try my very best to identify when something should be hand-washed or lined dry, but I do so with words, not the symbols. Does anyone know what these symbols mean? Even if not, I don’t think they’re ever going to go away. They will be appearing on clothes from now until eternity’s end, but fear not. This clever sign has you covered. This is a fun (and useful) gift for any laundry room.


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