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6 Fun Waffle Makers For Fans of Star Wars, Disney, and More!

One of my favorite foods is waffles! There is something about all the little nooks and crannies that the syrup can pool into that is just plain delicious. I’ve had a fun waffle maker forever, but I used to think waffles were a complete pain in the backside to make until I actually started making them. They’re easy! There are a few key things to keep in mind if you decide you want to make waffles. First, there are only like three ingredients needed to make the batter, so don’t feel like you need to buy the pre-mixed batter. I mean, sure, buy it if you want, but don’t let the mixing scare you. And second, if you don’t have a super super good non-stick waffle iron, use some kind of oil spray, like olive oil or the like. That’s all you need to know. Easy, right?

In the realm of fun kitchen items out there in the world, waffle irons have not fallen short. There are so many fun and creative waffle irons that you can buy for yourself or for that special someone in your life. Have a kid who loves Star Wars? Buy them a Star Wars waffle iron. Love someone? Buy them a heart-shaped waffle iron. See how that works? I’ve searched around and come up with some of my favorite waffle irons. If you have some that you think are amazing, I’d love to see them, too!

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If you have a special someone in your life that you love, then the heart-shaped waffle maker is a great choice! It makes mini waffles, meaning you can make a stack of waffle love. Check the options, because if hearts don’t happen to be your thing, this mini waffle maker does come in other fun option.




I have always thought this Death Star waffle maker was about the best thing ever for any Star Wars fan. After all, who doesn’t want to head on over to the Dark Side if they have waffles? I have no idea why I never got this for my kids when they were younger (though I’m thinking it has something to do with me thinking waffles were hard to make, which they aren’t). Perfect Star Wars fandom gift!


Disney Fun Waffle MakerMICKEY

If you’re looking for a fun waffle maker, the Mickey Mouse one is it! Great for your Disney fan and sure to brighten anyone’s day. Check the options, because if Mickey doesn’t happen to be your thing, they have a Minnie option along with some other alternatives. Disney is the happiest place on Earth, and Disney waffles are the happiest waffles on your breakfast table!

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Fun Waffle MakerEMOJIS

I would have never predicted something like Emojis ten years ago, but now you can get Emoji anything! Apparently waffle makers happen to be one of those things. This fun waffle maker makes two Emoji waffles. I’d like to claim I knew what these emojis are called, but I’m just not that cool. That said, if you know someone who is, then this is a great gift for them 🙂


Animals Waffle MakerANIMALS

You will never go wrong with cute animals at the breakfast table when it comes to pancakes or waffles. I remember my mom making me cat and dog pancakes when I was young, and I loved them. Now you can gift someone this fun waffle maker with three adorable animals: giraffe, elephant, and bunny. This is sure to bring some bunny lots of happiness (you see what I did there?).


Star Wars Waffle MakerHAN SOLO

I know I already included one Star Wars waffle maker, but I could not resist this Han Solo frozen in Carbonite waffle maker. With Han Solo on the top and traditional waffles on the bottom, this is the best of both worlds. Pair it with the Death Star from above, and it’s Star Wars waffles for every meal!

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