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6 Fun Umbrellas for April Showers

It’s nearly the end of March which means April showers are right around the corner. I’m not sure about where you live, but here in Austin, Texas, we’ve had plenty of rain to see us through thus far. If April brings even more, the grass in my backyard will be two feet high. You may not be venturing out much, but when you do, I hope it’s to get some fresh air for a walk. I’ve been adoring going for walks these days, but one of the worst things is when it’s raining I feel like maybe a walk is not the best choice. That said, I believe the perfect fun umbrellas could change everything! If you know someone who need to take the dogs out, check the mail, or just walk up to the end of the street and back to get some fresh air, don’t let the rain get them down. Gifting them a really fun umbrella is a great idea! I’ve searched around and come up with some of my favorites. If you have one you think is amazing, I’d love to see what it is also!


Star Wars Fun umbrellaSTAR WARS

One of the coolest things about this Star Wars umbrella is that it’s liquid reactive, which means it will literally change color when it gets wet! If you have a Star Wars fan, they will want it to rain just so they can see this happen. The Star Wars print is darling, and it folds up nice and compact, making it perfect for taking anywhere.

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Fun umbrellaIT’S RAINING

Yes, please forgive my potty mouth, but I could not resist including this umbrella in my round up. I think it just perfectly captures how so many of us feel when the sky opens up, and if an umbrella can bring a bit of potty mouth joy to the world, then why not embrace it? Gift this to the person who won’t be offended by it (like me, for example).


Fun Harry Potter UmrellaHARRY POTTER

Like the Star Wars umbrella above, this Harry Potter fun umbrella is also liquid reactive! Yes, it, too, changes color when it rains. Again, the design is darling, making this the perfect gift to keep the rain off your Harry Potter fan’s head. I kind of love the idea of fandom umbrellas, which makes me wonder why I don’t actually have one as of yet.



I have always been a fan of traditional world maps (you know, with the nice blues, whites, and greens) which makes me absolutely love this world map umbrella. It’s gorgeous, it’s large, and it folds up super compact. Gift this to the person in your life who loves to travel or explore new places (especially in the rain) or the geography buff in your life. Actually gift this to anyone. It’s a great umbrella and beautiful, too.

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So if I had to buy one umbrella based on simply how gorgeous it was, this is the one. OMG seriously, with the embroidered flowers and the lace. And hey, if pink is not your special someone’s thing, there are a ton of colors you can choose from. I love the blue. I love the pink. I love the navy. Match it to their car, their personality, or the color they wear the most. Great for keeping off either the sun or the rain.


Game of Throne UmbrellaGAME OF THRONES

I couldn’t not include an umbrella for Game of Thrones fan. In the world of Game of Thrones, everything is always gloomy, making a Westeros umbrella an apt choice. Since about a billion people love Game of Thrones, I am willing to bet that there is someone in your life who falls into that category. Play into their fandom with this perfect (and useful) gift.

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