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6 Food Delivery Gifts To Help Us Through Self Isolation

Let’s face it, it’s a scary world right now, but while we stay at home to break the spread of COVID-19, there’s no reason we can’t still eat in style and help our loved ones to do the same. Good food can be a comfort in times like this and these food delivery gifts will be a great comfort to those who receive them.

I’m so grateful for all the people who are working at supermarkets to make sure people can get what they need while still staying safe. I’m also grateful to all the healthcare workers who are treating COVID-19 patients, even as they’ve gotten overwhelmed with patients in many areas. Seeing videos like this one, where nurses are begging citizens to stay home to stop the spread is heart breaking.

When COVID-19 hit our area in Austin, my husband and I were very lucky. We’ve been subscribing to Butcher Box and Imperfect Foods for a while, so our fridge and pantry was stocked. I’ve loved these services for many reasons, but with this disease keeping us in, I see their value even more.

So if you or someone you know is tired of cooking the same old thing or don’t want to stand in line to get into your local grocery store, try out these food delivery gifts. Also, check out our gift guide for indulgent foods, because now more than ever, we shouldn’t feel guilty about indulging.

Home Bistro


Whether you want some meal help for yourself or a loved one in quarantine, Home Bistro can help. Home Bistro has chefs who cook gourmet meals that are flash frozen, then delivered to your doorstop with instructions on the best way to reheat them. You can choose from meals that sound like the kind you’d order at a fancy restaurant, like Chargrilled Pom-Fig Salmon with Couscous, Chianti Braised Short Ribs & Ratatouille, or Mediterranean Orange Honey Shrimp. They also have meals for different diets, like paleo, vegetarian, diabetic-friendly and more. You can buy a single meal or a set, plus you can get gift certificates so your loved ones can choose their own dishes.

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Farm Fresh To You


Similar to Farm Foods, Farm Fresh To You allows you to shop for your organic produce fresh from the farm. You can customize each box, so you’ll get the fruits and vegetable you need and want. Plus you can buy add-ons like meal kits, snacks like home made potato chips, dairy like organic locarno brie, and lots more yummy stuff. You can even buy gift cards to give farm fresh produce to your loved ones.


Farm Foods


My husband and I have subscribed to ButcherBox for years, but after seeing Farm Foods, I now want to give it a try. With Farm Foods, you can choose exactly what meat you want and even which farm you want to buy it from. For example, you could get grass-fed filet mignon, heritage pork chops, pasture-raised whole chickens, or even bones to make good broth. They have a lot more to offer, like you could even buy 1/16th of a cow! You order, they package it up, and get it sent over to you safely through UPS. Shipping is FREE. The minimum order is 10 pounds of meat, to make free shipping doable, but this means you can stock up your freezer and have meat ready when you need it.




I don’t know about you, but my husband and I have been snacking a LOT lately. Self-isolation seems to increase the desire to chomp on something fun. If you’re going to snack, it’s of course best to make it healthy. With UrthBox, your snacks can be healthy, plus you have the added benefit of variety. All the snacks in each UrthBox are GMO-free, organic and natural. And you can get vegan, gluten-free and diet boxes as needed. Choose your box, and each month, you’ll get up to 30 new full-size products, like dried meats, snack bars, juices, crackers, chocolates — Mmmm — and more. Each box has a retail value of $100, but UrthBox costs less. And you can earn points for discounts.

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Saloon Box


And if you want a drink with your delicious home meals, have some cocktails! SaloonBox offers up fun, unique cocktails created by mixologists across the nation. Like a Thai Basil Martini in coupe glasses, hot chocolate with handmade farmhouse mugs, or an Owlish 75, which blends gin, sparkling wine and a special Owl’s Brew. The cocktails come to you with everything you need, including instructions on how to mix them up perfectly. You can buy single cocktail boxes or subscribe and get a special cocktail every month.

Crate Joy


If none of this fit your loved one’s taste, check out the food and beverage boxes on Crate Joy. The service offers boxes for just about anything under the sun, including books, beauty, fitness and, of course, food and drink. In this category, they’ve got boxes for coffee lovers, cooking and baking, vegan, spices and sauces, candy, and lots more. The meal delivery boxes include Inspired Indian Cooking, Farm to People and International Meal Kits. Each kit has anything you need for a delicious meal, all at your doorstep. You can buy boxes for yourself or as gifts for others. Your friends and family will be grateful for these food delivery gifts.

What would you like to give to someone you know who’s in isolation right now? Which box would help you through quarantine? Let us know in the comments.

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