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6 Flavored Coffees for Your Daily Grind

I have quite possibly mentioned my love for coffee. When I wake up in the morning, I look forward to grinding my beans and making my French Press. In the afternoon, it’s time for an espresso. Whenever I get a chance, I stop in at a coffee shop for an Americano. I don’t want to be, but I admit to being a bit of a coffee snob. There are certain places I won’t get coffee (unless completely desperate!).

Walking down the aisle at the grocery store and taking in the delicious scent of all the various coffees makes grocery shopping worth the effort. And when it comes to different kinds of coffees, there are so many varieties! I want to try them all! I’ve collected together some that I would love to try, and I’m willing to bet your special coffee-loving someone would be up for trying them, too.



I have fond memories of Kahua and cream from my college days and my spring break trips to Cancun, and with this Kahlua mocha coffee, your coffee lover can relive their favorite memories, too. Non-alcoholic GROUND coffee.

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I don’t think I had cherry pie when I was in Michigan, but no worries! I can enjoy the idea of Michigan Cherry Pie with this amazing coffee. It’s like dessert first thing in the morning (or for an after dinner treat). But if cherry pie is not what you think your special someone will enjoy, fear not. The EOC (Eight O’clock Coffee Company) has other delicious flavors to choose from, including Texas Pecan Praline and Maine Blueberry Crisp. GROUND coffee.



The packaging alone makes this coffee a win. And the Bones Coffee Company is the best name ever. But it doesn’t stop there. The names of their coffee flavors is also to-die-for. Sinn-O-Bun sounds amazing and like the perfect breakfast choice. Note that you can buy this GROUND or WHOLE BEAN.



Well, I like peanut butter cups and I like coffee, and combining the two is going to work for me. I’m thinking this would make a great pick-me-up afternoon choice. But if Peanut Butter Cup is not what you’re thinking your coffee lover will enjoy, Market and Main has many other flavors including Salted Caramel and Coconut Macaroon. GROUND coffee.

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Joe Knows Coffee got me with this toasted coconut coffee. I’m not saying I judge a coffee by its name, but in the event that I did, Coconut Crazy Joe is a good one. Coconut is all the rage, making this a safe choice if you are worried your coffee lover is not so daring. GROUND coffee.



If you have a bourbon lover who also loves coffee, then shop no more. This is the choice for you. Yes, Jim Beam makes coffee, and your bourbon lover will adore it. If you’re worried about the flavor being a little too strong, there are other flavors to choose from, including Bourbon Vanilla and Spiced Honey. There’s also a dark roast option if your coffee lover tends to be like me and enjoys a darker roast. GROUND coffee.

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