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6 Fancy Thermometers That Make Great Gifts

This week was the autumnal equinox and National Temperature Control Day, making it a great day to shop for some fancy thermometers for you or your special someone. I have a digital thermometer right now in my house because I need to remotely keep track of the temperature in my tortoise house, but I also have a fun thermometer on my mantel (see the post). Thermometers don’t have to be boring. There are some really cute fancy thermometers out there for you to pick from. And if you have one you love, please share!

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I actually have a thermometer very similar to this one on my house, on my mantel. I’ve had it for ages, and through all the purging of stuff, I’ve held onto it because it’s so cool. I still love seeing the bubbles floating to the top or sinking when I turn on the heat of A/C. Mine doesn’t have the barometer, but I would actually love if it did.

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There are quite a few things I love about this when it comes to fancy thermometers. First, it’s nice and big. Second, the numbers and the contrast make it so easy to read. I don’t want to have to work too hard to read the temperature. And third, the design is really attractive. Overall, this thermometer is a win!


Fancy ThermometersROUND GALILEO

If you love the idea of the Galileo thermometer, but you don’t want to commit to one as big as the first in this post, this one takes up a smaller footprint, but may actually look even cooler. I love the sphere look on this one, making it a great choice if you’re looking for fancy thermometers.


Fancy ThermometersVINTAGE GAS SIGN

The vintage sign on this one won me over, and I am all in. This would look amazing on my deck with my old street signs that I have hanging out there. Yes, it’s old school when it comes to reading the actual temperature, but it’s such a great decorative piece that we can forgive that. For any vintage lover, this is a fun choice!

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Fancy ThermometersBEACH THIS WAY

I don’t live near a beach, but I do love the beach, and this thermometer is fun and makes me want to go to the shore. I can just imagine myself looking outside, checking to see if it is warm enough, then grabbing my towel and going. It’s bright and cheerful, great for indoors or outdoors, and also has the time. Every time is beach time!



If you’re looking for something simple that gives the temperature, looks cute, and doesn’t take up a ton of space, this frog thermometer is a really nice choice. It has suction cups, so you can stick it on the inside or outside of a window, making it so you can read the outside temperature from inside and vice versa (though not sure why you’d do that). Simple and fun!

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