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6 Fancy Sets for People who Love Chess

Happy American Chess Day! Chess is one of those games I know how to play, technically, but I could be way, way better at. I know how the pieces move, but I don’t know any tactics. I always thought it would be so cool to be really great at chess, like to sit down at any of the many fancy chess sets out there and know exactly what to do to at least beat the kids who play at the elementary school. Sadly, it wouldn’t be much of a match.

That said, in my home, I have a really nice fancy chess set. It’s marble with dragons and knights and stuff, and I really love it. I’ve had it forever. If you have a special someone who loves chess and really likes fancy things, then it’s a great day to check into some fancy chess sets. Whether it’s Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, we’ve got you covered!

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Fancy Chess SetsGREEK GODS

I’ve loved the Design Toscano brand for about forever. I have a few items around my house from the company, but one thing I don’t have is one of their fancy chess sets. If I had to pick one, it would be this one featuring the Greek gods. This would look amazing in my house, and is perhaps my favorite of all the fancy chess sets in this blog post.

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Maybe not quite as “fancy” as the other sets in this post, I really had to include this Batman chess set in my roundup because it’s fun, reasonable, and will appeal to Batman fans around the country. If you’ve got a special someone who loves Batman and knows how to play chess or wants to learn, then this is a great choice!


Fancy Chess SetsEGYPTIAN

I am in serious love with this Egyptian chess set. Featuring all the cool Egyptian mythological things (gods, goddesses, obelisks), this is a chess set I would love to own. I adore Egyptian collectibles, and when it comes to fancy chess sets, this is one that would look perfect on a table or shelf at home. Maybe you have a special someone who loves Egyptian things and chess? If so, this is what you’ve been looking for.



I have really fond memories of this Lord of the Rings chess set when it originally came out, and if you have a special someone who loves Lord of the Rings and chess and cool collectibles, I think this would make an amazing gift. The pieces are so authentic that even the actors had to approve their likenesses. When it comes to fancy chess sets, this tops my list!

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Legend of Zelda and gaming fans can rejoice! Check out this amazing chess set. Also not quite as fancy as some of the others, this is a perfect collectible for your Zelda/chess special someone. The pieces are made of vinyl and come in this great magnetic closure storage box.


Fancy Chess SetsHARRY POTTER

And the final set in our fancy chess sets roundup is this Harry Potter Wizard Chess set! No, the pieces don’t move on their own, but with some basic knowledge of the game, your Harry Potter loving special someone can move them to a victory. From the Noble Collection, there are definitely some more expensive Harry Potter chess sets out there, but this one is high quality and reasonable.

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