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6 Expensive Vinegar Gifts for the True Connoisseur

A couple days ago was National Vinegar Day, so I originally started putting this post together with nice little flavored vinegars and fancy glass containers to serve them from. Then Amazon did it’s magic and started recommending stuff to me, and OMG I had no idea that there were such things as expensive vinegar bottles! When I say expensive here, what I mean is REALLY expensive. My first thought was “wow, there is vinegar that is $50 a bottle” and then I kept scrolling. I’m hoping you’ll keep scrolling, too, to see just how fancy and expensive vinegar can be. I am fascinated by this and think you will be too 🙂

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Stats: Aged over 15 years. 250 ml

So this is actually one of the least expensive vinegar bottles of the fancy one. That said, it’s still something that I would have to be getting a gift for some super vinegar person in order to even consider. You got the stats above. Other noteworthy things? It’s got hints of tobacco, coffee, and wood.



Stats: Aged 25 years. 100 ml

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This is a big step above the last vinegar and it’s only about a third as much! That said, it’s way older, coming in at 25 years rather than 15. For bragging purposes, t is guaranteed by the consortium of traditional balsamic vinegar producers of Modena, Italy. Also it looks like it would taste pretty good on cheese.


Expensive vinegar$200 VINEGAR

Stats: Aged 25 years. 100 ml

This vinegar is about the same age and size as that above. And funny enough their prices are coming in about the same. This bottle’s claim to fame? It is made by the oldest producer of balsamic vinegar in the world. Looks perfect as a topping for tapas!


Expensive vinegar$500 VINEGAR

Stats: 10 bottle set. Not sure how long it’s been aged.

Given that this one doesn’t directly come out and say how old or how much it is, I’m thinking the claim to fame here (to make it $500) is that it is a sampling of some of the best vinegars in the world. These are all award winning, and you get 10 bottles! That’s already pretty appealing to me, because if I love the vinegar, it would be nice to try more. So I’m putting this on my Christmas list 🙂

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Expensive vinegar$900 VINEGAR

Stats: Aged 100 years. 100 ml

If you are still reading, you’ve moved into the high-stakes vinegar game here. These are not the vinegars of mere peasants. Actually, I’m not really sure who is ordering $900 vinegar (though I know it’s not me). Aged for 100 years, this vinegar was around for the roaring 20s and the opening of King Tut’s tomb. This one comes with a hand-blown glass pipette to measure out the perfect amount of vinegar (or to prevent your guests from pouring too much, I’m thinking). Just to put your mind at ease, the pipette is designed to release ONE DROP AT A TIME!


Expensive vinegar$2800 VINEGAR

Stats: Aged over 100 years. Four 3.4oz bottles.

Now we are talking serious vinegar business. Like if I had this bottle and a guest accidentally used four drops instead of one, there could be a serious fight breaking out. Take a moment to let the price of this sink in. Whoa! I could go to Disney for the price of this vinegar. But you get four bottles, and it’s been aged OVER 100 years. A bottle for you. A bottle for me. A bottle for a friend. A bottle to save for the apocalypse. Done.

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