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6 DNA Gifts For Curious Science People

It’s National DNA day, and I have to say that I am fascinated by DNA. There are so many cool possibilities inside this coded bit of our genetic makeup, and I love the hope that DNA provides! Also science is cool, and if you know someone who loves DNA and science, then there are a great selection of DNA gifts out there in the world. Maybe it’s gifting a DNA test for them. Or for their dog. Or maybe just a cool thing to bring to mind the awesomeness of science. whatever your choice, it’s a great day to share the love of DNA.



If you want to go with something simple, then a DNA mug is always nice. I love choosing my morning coffee mug, and I’m willing to bet that your DNA nerd will, too. I love the pun humor of this mug. It captures that age-old copying game that kids annoy their parents with so well. Also, stop copying me. Amino it!



For my most recent DNA test, I went with Ancestry. I loved waiting for my test results, and once they came, it was so cool to see relatives out there in the world that I had no idea existed. No worries on privacy. You can keep your information to yourself if you prefer. Gift the gift of heritage by gifting a DNA test kit to your special someone.

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Okay, maybe you are sure your special someone does not want their DNA tested, but they may have a dog that they’ve always been curious about the true breed of. Satisfy their canine curiosity by gifting them a DNA test for their dog! I know the breeds of my dogs (Yorkie and Maltese), but if I didn’t, you can darn well bet that I’d be sending my dog’s DNA off for testing.



It is never too early to introduce kids to the concept of DNA, and this K’Nex building kit is a great educational toy for that kid in your life. Help foster a love for science by letting them build their own DNA strands. This is a great way to entertain and to learn. It’s recommended for ages 10 and up, but I’m willing to bet even younger kids would have no problem with some adult guidance. Don’t worry if you feel like your DNA knowledge is a little lacking. Maybe you can both learn something.



For the DNA lover, DNA earrings are fun, unique, and sure to spark conversation wherever they are worn. Aside from being really pretty, they actually represent real DNA. They’re hypoallergenic, and if you are all about the packaging, they also come in a nice gift box 🙂

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If you have someone in your life who loves biology and DNA, this gorgeous watercolor is going to look amazing in their home or office. There are lots of options when you order this watercolor. Framed or not, different sizes, borders. Make sure to pick what you think will look best. It’s bright and happy and full of life (pun intended).

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