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6 Darling Strawberry Gifts To Make Someone Smile

Happy National Strawberry Month! May is the month to celebrate so many things, and one of them happens to be strawberries! Just putting together this post on strawberry gifts makes me want to go out picking berries. I’ve only gone strawberry picking a couple times in my life, the first time being many many years ago. I made the best strawberry jam in the world! I do admit I was surprised at how much sugar the recipe called for. But I added it all, and sure enough, the jam was delicious.

To celebrate National Strawberry Month, you could go strawberry picking with your special someone, or you could find them some perfect strawberry gifts. There are so many cute gifts out there for people who love strawberries. Honestly, it’s hard to decide. I’ve collected together some that I love, but if you have one in mind, please share! I’d love to know what it is.



You can’t go wrong with a Kate Spade product, and this darling little lunch cooler is so cute that I want to carry it everywhere! It comes with plenty of room inside for your favorite foods and beverages, and has some super sweet matching products that you can get to go along with it. Zip top, insulated, and compact, your strawberry loving special someone is going to think this is the best thing ever.

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I’ve always had a thing for body scrubs, especially ones that sound delicious. Yes, I know they aren’t for eating at all, but the smells always win me over. I think it was Bath and Body Works that really won me over when it came to tasty smelling body products. This scrub is 100% natural and is great of body, face, or feet! A definite win when it comes to strawberry gifts!


Strawberry GiftsCROSS-BODY PURSE

Okay, if I have to pick my favorite gifts from this post, it is going to be this darling cross-body purse. I love everything about it, from the color to the design. But worry not, if you like the style but you aren’t sold on strawberry milk, there are other milk and non-milk varieties in the options. The banana milk is looking pretty nice also, though the strawberry is still my favorite. A great choice in the realm of strawberry gifts!


Strawberry GiftsKAWAII HOODIE

There are some really cool hoodies being made these days! Seriously, where were these when I was growing up? (Well, I guess there was no internet, so it was a bit more challenging to get just about anything. Anyway…) This super cute Kawaii strawberry milk carton hoodie comes in different colors and sizes, so make sure to pick out the perfect one for your strawberry lover. I think this along with the purse above, would make a really sweet combination.

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Any post on strawberry gifts would not be complete without a nod to the biggest strawberry mascot of all time, Strawberry Shortcake! I always thought Strawberry Shortcake dolls were so cute, but I was a little old for them when they came out. Worry not, I was able to share the love with my daughter. If you have someone who adores Strawberry Shortcake like I did, it’s a great time to treat them to a wonderful little Strawberry Shortcake companion!


Strawberry GiftsJAR SOCKS

And once again, there are socks for every occasion, but unlike some that we’ve featured in the past that came in pizza boxes and the like, these socks come in a jar! It looks like strawberry preserves inside, but nope. It’s really two pairs of socks, one strawberry and one blueberry. These would make about the cutest gift ever, and your special someone will love them. They come in two different sizes, so make sure to order the correct one for your strawberry loving giftee.

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