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6 Shirts to Support Our Fight Against COVID-19

The world is scary right now, with our unwelcome guest COVID-19 bullying its way into people’s homes. Seeing the number of infected people rise so quickly, it can feel like we’re in an unwinnable battle. But the slowing we’re seeing in other parts of the world gives us hope and shows us we WILL beat this enemy. So here are some ways to fight against COVID-19 and some coronavirus shirts to help us feel empowered.

The CDC gives us these steps to take to protect ourselves and others to stop COVID-19 in its tracks:

  1. Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. When soap and water aren’t available, use a hand sanitizer that’s at least 60% alcohol.
  2. Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.
  3. Clean and disinfect surfaces.
  4. Keep at least a 6-foot distance from other people in your community.
  5. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough and sneeze. Throw used tissues in the trash, then wash your hands.
  6. Repeat steps 1-6. (I added this last one, but I think the CDC would approve.)

Read the CDC’s recommended steps on their website.

And just like Superman has his cape, to keep us inspired and strong for this fight, check out these 6 fun COVID-fighting tees.

Note, all the T-shirts in this gift guide are from RedBubble. That means they’re all available in lots of different colors, all the usual sizes plus many styles. So if you or your loved one wants the design in a baseball shirt, or with long sleeves, or with a V neck, or in blue instead of white, you can have it.

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Stop COVID-19 T-shirt


This shirt says everything we’re thinking: STOP COVID-19! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could put signs like this up on every street and the disease would see them and turn away? Ahhh, wishful thinking. At least with this shirt we can show our support for each other as we work to stop the coronavirus.

You Shall Not Pass coronavirus shirts


I love this tee! How amazing would it be to have Gandalf standing between you and the virus shouting, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”? Since Gandalf isn’t around, we can tell the disease ourselves with this T-shirt.

Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands coronavirus shirts


I think the CDC would be very proud of this shirt. Yes, panicking never helped anyone, and it won’t help us in our fight against CoVid-19, but staying calm and washing our hands will help. Incidentally, do you know where the “Keep Calm and…” started? It was originally a motivational poster made by the British government to prepare people for World War II. I think it’s appropriate now as the world battles the coronavirus.

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Keep Calm and Self-Isolate coronavirus shirts


Here’s another great usage of the “Keep Calm and…” slogan: Keep Calm and Self-Isolate! We’re social people, but so is COVID-19. So to stop the little bugger from spreading, we have to make sure it doesn’t have anywhere to go. These fun coronavirus shirts help us do just that.

This Is May Quarantine coronavirus Shirts


Another take on the self-isolation theme is this fun quarantine tee. Distancing yourself from others, even if you don’t know if they or you are affected, is a key part of how we stop the spread of this bully. We can all get in the quarantine spirit with this tee.

World vs Covid-19 T-shirt


Yes! This is what it’s all about right now. Just a few months ago, people were fighting against people. But there are bigger threats to our lives out there. COVID-19 wants to attack every person on Earth. We need to come together. It’s the World against COVID-19. Together we will win!

What are you doing to battle the spread of the disease? Which of these coronavirus shirts will you wear proudly? Let us know in the comments.

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