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6 Perfect Candles Gifts That Are Funny & Sweet

I’ll admit it. I’m a candle hoarder. I love how candles look, their lovely scents and the way their glow makes me feel warm inside. The best part is, there are so many fun and creative varieties of candles. Some are so cute, I don’t have the heart to light them! Of course, I don’t have the space to keep all the candles I love, so I do the next best thing—give them away to make someone else happy. Here are 6 candle gifts that are sure to warm the heart of your loved ones…

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Homesick candle gifts


I’ve moved around a lot, and no matter how much I love living in Austin, there’s nothing like home. That’s why I love the idea behind Homesick Candles. The manufacturer says the candles are natural, made of soy wax. They have three sizes, and their standard 13.75-ounce burns for 60 to 80 hours. The best part is, it seems like no matter where in the world your home is, they have a candle for it. There’s Idaho (melting snow, sandalwood and amber—not potatoes?), Southern California (aloe, rose and jasmine), Florida (sunscreen? nope citrus, Spanish moss and vanilla) and even New Jersey (candy apples, cranberries and fresh ocean air). They’ve got cities too, including Los Angeles (sea breeze, desert sands and orange zest), Las Vegas (sand, midnight air and fine shopping—mkay), and Boston (spiced tea with nutmeg, orange citrus and ginger). And countries, like Canada (clean mountain air, spruce trees and ice cold beer), France (fresh croissants, cafe au lait, tobacco and lavender), Brazil (sweet sugarcane and mango) and my home country, United Kingdom (rain, with hints of sticky toffee pudding and mince pies—yes please!). Perhaps my most-wanted Homesick candle, though, is Library, scented like books. If you want to see their whole line, check out the Homesick store on Amazon. These make great candle gifts.

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mini cactus candle gifts


These candles by Outee are too cute for words! Each tealight one is carved and painted to look like a different type of cactus. They’re paraffin wax in a tealight holder to prevent spilling. They come in two boxes of six candles for a total of 12, so you could give one box to two people or break up the whole set to give tealights to more of your loved ones, perhaps in part of a gift basket. If you keep them in their boxes, each one is wrapped in a ribbon ready to be gifted. How perfect is that?

Soy candle gifts


Another set of soy glass candles comes from Lulu Candles, and while they have a lot of tasty scents, like blueberry cobbler and sugared pecans, the one that caught my eye was fresh linen. When I was little in England, my parents didn’t have a clothes dryer, and I loved when my mother hung the sheets out to dry. There’s something about the smell of sunshine getting caught in cotton to make you smile. Check out their whole collection.

Personalized Silver Dollar candles


Silver Dollar Candle Co. allows you to put whatever message you’d like (space permitting, of course) on the candle scent of your choice. Their 8-ounce candles are also made of soy, so burn cleanly, and they come in a bunch of scents, including cedar tobacco, strawberry cream, coconut lime and the one that sounds the best to me: hot chocolate marshmallow. For the personalization, you can choose from different fonts and place text on the label and, if you want, on top of the candle’s metal lid. One reviewer used the lid to thank their spouse for 4 years of blissful marriage and encouraged them to “keep the fire burning forever”. Cute.

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Malicious Women Candle gifts


For loved ones with a great sense of humor, the 9-ounce candle jars from Malicious Women Candle Co. could quickly become a favorite. Like the Boss Lady candle, a.k.a. B*itches Get Shit Done. Reportedly “infused with ambition,” the scent is a blend of warm baking spices, sweet cinnamon and a hint of black tea. Sounds wonderful! The line is made of organic soy, with no additives, and the candles are zinc and lead free. If that’s not enough, they were born out of a heart-warming story. The founder of Malicious Women started the company as a way to grieve for the death of her closest friend. As it says in the product description: “My mission is to give back in Laura’s memory. To illuminate the way…one candle at a time.” To that end, a portion of the proceeds are donated to empowering women in need. What great candle gifts! Check out the full line in their Amazon store.

battery operated candles with remote


If you know someone who loves to sit in the flickering light of a mass of candles, this might be the perfect gift for them. This set of nine amber pillar candles all light at the touch of a button! These battery-operated flameless candles come in six sizes from 4 inches tall to 9 inches. They’re made of real wax, but safe to have around children and pets. With the remote, you can set the candles to stay lit for two, four, six or eight hours, making them great to fall asleep to.

Do you have a candle lover on your list? What kind of candle gifts are your favorites?

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