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6 Cake Snacks For Your Sweet Tooth

I know it’s Thanksgiving, but it’s also National Cake Day! Cake Day sounds like something I could celebrate just about every month. There are so many ways to enjoy cake. You can make one from scratch. You can buy a mix. You can buy a pre-made cake. Or you can get some cake snacks, relax, and call it done! If you know someone who loves cake, why not get them a little treat to celebrate? Oh wait! Maybe you’re the one who loves cake. That’s fine too. Enjoy!

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I love these miniature cakes, perfect for grabbing and having a special snack on the go. Sometimes a big cake is just way too much to commit to, but if you know someone who happens to be a cake fan, these tasty treats are going to make them awfully happy!


Cake SnacksCAKE-IN-A-JAR

Two things. I’ve never made cake-in-a-jar, and I’ve always had a fascination with cake-in-a-jar. I want to make it, but for some reason, I have never gotten around to it. Maybe you know someone like me? If so, then these pre-made cake-in-a-jar cake snacks are going to make them over-the-moon happy! Four flavors make this a perfect gift!

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In addition to cake, I LOVE popcorn. Actually popcorn may be my second favorite food (it used to be #1 but now eggs holds the spot). Still, popcorn is my go-to snack when I want a treat. If you know someone who loves cake and loves popcorn, this is the gift you’ve been looking for!



If you want to go with the cake-in-a-jar thing, but you don’t want to go pre-made, then this mix, complete with mug and everything, is the way to go! Also, it’s Reeses (though they do have other flavors in the options, so make sure to check those). Perfection in a mug!



If you are looking more for the snack food, and you are shopping for someone who loves cake, then these birthday cake cookie dough bites are amazing! I can’t imagine anyone being unhappy with these (unless they’re on Keto). Also, they come with sprinkles!



And finally, if you happen to be shopping for someone who is high protein, low carb, but they want cake, then these birthday cake protein bars are going to be the best thing in the world! Show your protein-lover that you care when you buy them a pack of these! Maybe they’ll even share one with you (though you may want to get two boxes just to make sure).

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