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6 Burrito Gifts for People Who Love Burritos

Every day is a holiday (literally) and today is no different. It happens to be National Burrito Day, which means that it is the perfect day to buy Burrito Gifts for those people in your life that always order the burrito at any restaurant that happens to serve them. Back in college, and even when I started working, I would stop at Taco Bell nearly every day. Most days I got the Bean Burrito, but some days I treated myself to the Seven Layer Burrito. Even once Taco Bell no longer passed the test of places I ate on a regular basis, at and Taco Deli type restaurant, I ordered the burrito. I’m guessing you know someone in your life who loves Burritos (because why else would there be a National Burrito Day?), and if you do, why not show them you care with the gift of a burrito. I’ve looked around and found some of my favorite burrito gifts, but if you have some of your own, I’d love to know what they are!

Card Game Burrito GiftsTACO VS. BURRITO GAME

Who says that seven-year-olds can’t do amazing things? So this game was actually invented by a seven-year-old, but it’s great for anyone. I love success stories, and this game is certainly one. It was started as a Kickstarter, and was crazy popular at Emerald City Comiccon. It’s a card game for 2-4 players and it’s easy and quick to learn.

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Blanket Burrito GiftsBURRITO BLANKET

Just seeing this burrito blanket makes me want to be snuggled up underneath it. At 71″, it is warm and perfect for watching TV, working on the computer, or reading a book on the sofa. It comes single sided or double sided and also in a variety of sizes and colors (including a pizza option). When it comes to burrito gifts, this one is pretty perfect.



Mystery ha become popular in pretty much everything, and burrito animals happens to be one of those things. With Mystery Cutitos, you get to unwrap the burrito to find out what cute animal happens to be hiding inside. Is it the Pigito? The Penguinito? Or could it possibly be the Chihuahito. You won’t know until you open it and find out!


Burrito GiftsPENCIL CASE

For the student or artist in your life, this burrito pencil holder is about the tastiest most useful choice out there, especially if this person happens to like burritos. Burrito Gifts can be a ton of fun as this pencil case proves. Help your special someone smile every time they unwrap this to get out one of their supplies.

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Dog Boo-Rito just so happens to be darling, and your burrito-loving puppy lover is going to be over the moon with this darling Gund stuffed animal. And just in the off chance burritos aren’t their thing, look at the options here. You could get Pup-Corn instead 🙂



When I finally have grandbabies (many years in the future), I am going to be that grandparent that gets them all the super cute things, such as this Burrito Swaddle Blanket and hat. This thing is soft and cozy, and seriously, how darling is that baby in this burrito blanket? For babies 0-6 months with no zippers or velcro or anything else unsafe. If you know someone is your life expecting a bundle of joy, this burrito baby blanket is the way to go.

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