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6 Books and Games for Creating Awkward Moments

Happy Awkward Moments Day (which was actually last week but is a fun enough holiday to celebrate anytime)! We’ve all had those moments we’d rather forget. For me they were especially when I was younger. As I get older, I don’t mind nearly as much. In fact, I’d almost say that awkward moments, when they are identified and made public, are kinda funny. And as an adult, when all is fair game, awkward moments can be fun and comical and best shared in the spotlight. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

There are lots of books and games that create awkward moments, but I’ve come up with some of my favorites. Share the gift of awkwardness with someone special (awkward hugs included).



The fun is unlimited in this “Would you Rather” style board game. And sure the family edition is fine for all ages, but when you pair it with the NSFW expansion, make sure the kids are in bed. A great way to find out more about your friends and see what they would do in all kinds of situations!


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A game for creating Awkward MomentsAWKWARD TURTLE GUESSING GAME

If you are more about the guessing game (think Taboo), then Awkward Turtle may be more your style. Only your mind makes the words awkward (get your mind out of the gutter). This is a simple and easy way to get to know new people or break the ice in social situations!



We’ve all had that awkward silence or that awkward hug, and now there is a book to help us laugh as we navigate ourselves through those awkward moments when we’re trying to make physical contact with a person. That Was Awkward: The Art and Etiquette of the Awkward Hug makes a great white elephant gift or a gift for that person in your life who’s maybe new to the dating scene and trying to meet someone special.


Noting Life's Awkward MomentsFINNISH NIGHTMARES

So many situations in life are awkward and funny, and the best part is that on the inside, so many of us are thinking the exact same thing. In Finnish Nightmares, with clever, simple, and yet so insightful illustrations, see this situations come to life. What do you do when someone sits right next to you even though there are plenty of empty seats? Want the last piece of cake but you’re afraid of how it will look. TRUTH: We all want the last piece of cake. A great coffee table book for just about anyone.

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A game for creating Awkward MomentsTHAT’S WHAT SHE SAID

This has quickly become the most perfect add on to so many perfectly normal phrases, and I find myself using it all the time. That’s What She Said is a game of twisted innuendos with currently two expansion sets available. and is guaranteed for an evening of gaming fun with friends. With 458 cards, it’s great for party night, game night, or dinner with the neighbors (depending on who your neighbors are).



If you’ve ever lived through an awkward situation (which come on, we all have) then this game is for you. Whatever is a game of awkward situations and embarrassing confessions, and is strictly for adults. It’s divided into Challenge Cards, Showdown Cards, and Penalty Cards, and is best played with people you might already know pretty well.

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