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6 Awesome Star Wars Gifts Fans Will Love to Wear

Science-fiction fans love to wear their fandom proudly, which makes apparel an easy and fun gift. Star Wars fans are no exception, and there’s a plethora of great gear available. The key is finding the items your giftee will love the most.

My favorite are my Star Wars mashup t-shirts. I’ve got one that combines Luke Skywalker as The Little Prince. Another with Princess Leia as Snow White. Another with Snoopy as a Rebel pilot. They are brilliant!

But awesome Star Wars apparel doesn’t have to be a mashup. There’s Star Wars apparel for the Force lovers and those who favor the Dark Side. Gear to support your favorite character and remember your favorite scene. And some that’s just plain fun. Frankly, I would love everything on this list below.

So if you know a Star Wars fan–who doesn’t?–who likes to wear their fandom, put these on your shopping list for them.


The awesomeness of this shirt can not be put into words. Perhaps inspired by Breaking Bad, this shirt interprets the chemical periodic elements chart with all things Star Wars. From Jedi, to planets, to aliens, to bounty hunters and more, there’s an element for everything. Some reviews say the print was a bit fuzzy, but overall the reviews are excellent. This official Star Wars licensed shirt is made of 100% cotton. it comes in black, navy, gray, brown and olive, in a variety of sizes. If you know someone who’s a fan of Star Wars AND loves science, this gift is even better for them.

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Star Wars Droid Shoes


These are the droids I’m looking for, and with these Sperry shoes, I can have R2-D2 and C3PO with me wherever I go. The cute slip-ons are also available in black with Han Solo and Chewbacca, but my preference is the droids. The canvas shoes are unisex and come in lots of sizes, but according to the reviews, the sizes tend to run small so try ordering up. Outside of that, they have great reviews.


You can be professional and still show off your fandom. That’s why I love this tie. Bosses who aren’t in the know might think it’s just a nice tie. But fellow Star Wars fans will give you a knowing wink as you cross in the hall. The tie comes in navy with white insignias, blue with gray and purple with red.

Star Wars Pew Pew T-Shirt


This shirt cracks me up. This is for me and every Star Wars fan who ran around as a kid pretending their pointing fingers were blasters. And every adult who still wants to. The shirt is available in a heap of sizes, so every Star Wars fan on your list can get one.

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Millennium Falcon Tie


This tie shows off your fandom more than the Rebel Alliance one, but the blueprint of the Millennium Falcon makes for a gorgeous design. The polyester tie is extra long, so works no matter how tall you are. And it comes in lots of colors: blue, black, royal blue, red, teal and moss.


Another T-shirt I love is this one. Like you walked into the Mos Eisley Cantina (leaving your driods outside, of course) and walked out with this T-shirt. Of course, since they don’t let droids in, maybe we don’t want to get there after all.

Do you have a favorite piece of Star Wars apparel in your wardrobe? Know someone who’d love these?

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