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6 Asteroid Gifts for Fans of Space

Happy International Asteroid Day! If you’ve ever been on the hunt for asteroid gifts, then you know there are some super fun things out there to choose from! From video game homage to end of the world (for dinosaurs), asteroids have been the threat in movies, books, and TV for ages. When I started putting the post together, the first thing that came to my mind was the old Atari game. Thankfully the internet quickly reminded me about the demise of the dinosaurs. Just to note, I don’t actually want to debate anyone on if an asteroid was responsible for their end. For the purpose of this blog post and for asteroid lovers out there, let’s just go with it. I’ve collected together some of my favorite asteroid gifts if you happen to want to celebrate International Asteroid Day with the purchase of something amazing. From wall art to picture books, we’ve got you covered!



If you happen to have a sense of humor about impending doom, then this book is for you! Starting with A, let’s go through the entire alphabet talking about all the ways the world can end. From asteroids to zombies, prepare to laugh and reread the super fun rhyme. Not necessarily for kids. Definitely for adults!

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I had to of course include one gift as an homage to the wonderful video game so many of us played when we were young. I was never as good at Asteroids as I wanted to be. I spent all my money on Ms. Pac-Mac and Jungle Quest. But I remember some kids were amazing. Relive your youth at the arcade with this heat reactive mug. Just a note, in case you’ve never had a heat-reactive mug before, they’re hand wash only.



I have such a special spot in my heart for science fiction travel posters. I love this Ceres one. It implies a certain amount of intelligence, to realize that Ceres is an asteroid, and the monochromatic design on this one is perfect. The water well is a great touch! Perfect when it comes to asteroid gifts. Pair it with a water bottle to make it extra special.



Like with the video game, I had to include at least one dinosaur related gift to choose from. I love the “Never forget” as if the dinosaurs were still around to remember 🙂 This is a great choice when it comes to asteroid gifts for the dinosaur fan. It says this is a whiskey glass, but I’m convinced it would be the perfect milk or juice glass, too.

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I have always loved kinetic art. The balancing of it. The perfection and detail required. The clever designs that make it up. This is a great size, perfect for a shelf, a desk, or a kitchen decoration. Watch the solar system move and spin, over and over again. A great choice when it comes to asteroid gifts.



I realize that this is not technically in the realm of asteroid gifts, but I loved it so much I had to include it. You can gift to your special someone a real piece of meteorite as a pendant necklace. Each piece of meteorite will be unique, and the necklace comes in a perfect wooden gift box. A great gift for fans of anything outer space!

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