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5 Zodiac Wine Glasses For Celestial Drinking

Tomorrow is National Red Wine Day, making it a great day to drink red wine of course! I’ve been having a ton of fun trying to build my collection of wine glasses. I like unique ones, pretty one, and the appearance of Comet Neowise, celestial ones! When I think of the celestial skies, the first thing I think of are the zodiac signs, each a constellation in the night sky! And turns out there are some pretty nice zodiac wine glasses out there that you can gift to your special someone. Step one: Find out what their sign is. Step two: Buy zodiac wine glasses. Now let’s check out some that I found!

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zodiac wine glassesSTEMLESS STAR SIGN

Of the bunch, this one may be my favorite. I normally lean toward wine glasses with stems but for zodiac wine glasses, the stemless seems to fit so much better. I love the design and simplicity of this one.

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As a space nerd, I am immediately drawn to these zodiac wine glasses. I love that the constellations are featured on the glasses. The main constellation you pick is the largest, but the others are all on there, too. If you drink enough wine, you can learn what they all look like!



When it comes to stemmed zodiac wine glasses, I think this one is just great. It’s simple, it gets the point across. And it’s going to look super elegant next to a beautiful bottle of red wine.


zodiac wine glassesENGRAVED WITH CHARM

If you want to go with something a little more elaborate and fancy, then this stemmed wine glass is what you’re looking for. Look at that gift packaging! The designs are super cool, the constellation is on the back. A great choice when it comes to zodiac wine glasses.


zodiac wine glassesSTEMLESS WITH TRAITS

I do love this stemless wine glass, not only because it features the zodiac sign, but because it tells a little bit about the traits associated with the sign. It’s also kind of nice, in a way, that all the traits aren’t super positive. There’s a nice balance in the zodiac and in all of us, and each of our traits should be celebrated.

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