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5 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Unique and Delicious

If it’s true that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, Valentine’s Day should be as delicious as possible. Going out for a nice meal is always fun, but sometimes the most romantic night is a date at home, just the two of you, some good music, and tasty food. But don’t just grab some takeout and a box of chocolates on the way home from work. Go for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s as unique as it is delicious. That will make the day special.

Here are 5 ideas your Valentine will love to indulge in.

Flirty Chocolate SquaresFLIRTY CHOCOLATES

Chocolate is, of course, a fantastic option for a Valentine’s Day gift. I could live off chocolate every day! But, like I said, to make it special, you want to give something unique. That’s where Astor Chocolate’s Flirty Moodibar Squares come in. The Flirty flavor is strawberry champagne dark chocolate — Mmmmm — and they come in a tray with 120 pieces. Let your loved one feel flirted with for months with an indulgent set of these tasty Flirty chocolates.

Black Label Line Chocolate Kahlua Sconie


Chocolates are wonderful, but for something even more different, get your loved one some decadent scones. Scones are the kind of tasty treat we like to indulge in at Starbucks, but Seven Sisters Scones takes the baked good to a whole new level. For Valentine’s Day, we love the idea of their Black Label Line, including Chocolate Kahlua flavor, Eggnog, Orange Mimosa, or Pomegranate Martini. They’re available in full size or as mini-scones (or sconies as Seven Sisters calls them). If your significant other wouldn’t like the boozy flavors, Seven Sister has lots of others like sweet Lemon Poppy or Triple Chocolate, as well savory ones, like Jalapeño, Green Olive & Cheddar. They even have gluten-free goodies. All the scones are made to order then shipped immediately with a two-day arrival so they stay fresh. Keep this in mind when you order so they’ll be delivered on time.

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Creamy, tasty, hand-crafted ice cream makes anyone feel special, especially this Sweethearts Collection from eCreamery. The set includes four pints with romantic names. The flavors are just as wonderful: Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Cups & Fudge Swirls, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Cookies & Cream Ice Cream and Brownie Batter Ice Cream. Eat them separately or grab a couple spoons and share. Either way, your loved one will be in love with the taste, and with you for bring it home.

French Kiss Bordeaux


Wine is another great way to indulge for a romantic night, but it deserves something more than Apothic from your local supermarket (although, I do love that wine). For Valentine’s Day, buy your loved one the French Kiss 12-pack from Wine Awesomeness. As the site says, “Sipping on good Bordeaux Rouge and Vermentino from the Rhone Valley is just as exciting as your first time playing spin the bottle in your parent’s basement. And what better than both of these French wines snuggling up on your dinner table this winter.” Sounds good to me! The set has six bottles each of the 2016 Jean Marc Barthez Bordeaux Rouge, a bright, fruity wine dominated by black currants and blackberries, and the 2017 Elicio Vermentino, a crisp white that’s low in alcohol and high in taste. These will go well with all the desserts listed above.

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Couples Cooking Class


Complete your date night in with a couples cooking class from The Chef & The Dish. Cooking as a couple has been shown to improve the bond between people. With the couples class from The Chef & The Dish, you can bring a chef into your kitchen from Italy, Japan, Spain or New Orleans to teach you to make a romantic meal together. The chef will be there via Skype to guide you, but you and your loved one will do the cooking. Once your class is over and your chef has signed off, you can enjoy the meal with your French Kiss wine then enjoy boozy scones, flirty chocolate and sweetheart ice cream for dessert. Sounds like a heavenly night of romance to me.

What are you planning for Valentine’s Day? Does a night at home sound good to you?

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