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5 Stress Balls that make Great Motivational Gifts

April is stress awareness month, and given current times, I can’t think of a more important month to think about. People across the city, state, country, and world have all sorts of issues being thrown at them every single day. Stress ball gifts may not solve the problem, but they certainly aren’t going to hurt.

My daughter fell in love with stress balls some number of years ago. I brought home one from a conference—a red apple—and every time she’d get angry or mad, we’d tell her to squeeze the apple. It worked! There is something about them (besides their usefulness when getting blood taken) that helps calm and sooth. Wait! Is that why they give then to me when I’m getting blood drawn? I always figured it was to get the blood pumping. But maybe I’ve been wrong all this time. Maybe it was to calm me down. Anyway…

If you know someone who’s feeling a little stressed out these days, stress ball gifts may be the perfect answer. There are all sorts of stress balls out there. I’ve focused on some motivational ones for this post, because we can all use a little motivation in our lives, can’t we?

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Stress ball giftsLET THAT SH*T GO

This set of three may be my favorite of the bunch. With the sayings “Let that sh*t go,” “You got this,” and “Keep F*cking Going” these would make me smile and feel great just to look at them. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who doesn’t mind a bad word here and there, this is the set to get!


Stress ball giftsYES I CAN DO THIS!

If you’re looking more for the calming effect stress ball gifts might provide, this set of three is a great choice. It’s got way more soothing sayings, like “Be quiet. Be calm. Be kind,” and comes in a variety of colors, though as far as i’m concerned, the green shown here reminds me of sitting on a beach, eyes closed, enjoying the sunshine and no worries.


Stress ball giftsKEEP CALM

If you’re more about the “Keep Calm and (whatever)” motto, then this stress ball set is made for you. I especially love the “Face Palm and Carry On” one, though the “Keep Calm and Squeeze” Lemon one is pretty cool, too. This set of four is colorful and has a stress ball for every different feeling your special someone may be experiencing. Keep Calm and order this set!

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I know I said the first set was my favorite, but I absolutely love this stress ball. With a happy face and a sad face and the simple words “You Decide” it reminds us that much of our happiness and view on the world is in our control. We can’t control the things happening around us, but we can control how we react to them. Motivate the ones you love with this great choice!



If you really want to go all in on the motivation, this set of 5 has got it down. With sayings like “I can, I must, I will” and “Dream Big” this set is great for just about anyone. The shiny gold one is especially nice and has the wonderful message that good things take time. Whatever motivation your special someone needs, they’ll find it with this set!

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