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5 Terrifyingly Awesome Gifts for Horror Fans

Horror! It’s not for everyone. I used to love watching a great horror movie. Then I went through a stage where I was terrified (I guess this was mostly during the slasher horror stage). And now? There are some fine horror movies being released. Sure, I need to cover my eyes and peek through my fingers during the scary parts, but that still counts as watching, right?

Not long ago, we put up a movie screen in the woods behind our house and watched a scary movie in the dark forest. The kids had fun. I had a blast. And the setting made it all the more spooky. Even if you fall into the no-horror category, you probably have someone in your life who really appreciates a good scary movie or book. Why not get them the perfect scary gift? Also scary gifts are great for any occasion. New Stephen King movie coming out? Get them a gift. Watching The Conjuring? Complement the experience with a scary accessory. Whatever the reason, we here at Wrapped in a Ribbon have come up with some fun (okay, actually scary) ideas you may want to consider.


Know a horror fan? Know a completionist? This scratch-off movie poster is the perfect gift for your completionist horror fan. You can help guarantee that they never miss a scary movie by gifting them this amazing poster. With 100 movies to scratch off, this is the perfect accessory for scary movie night. “What should we watch next?” will be easily solved with so many choices. And once the movie is watched, simply scratch off the coating, officially marking it off the bucket list of movies to watch. Movies can be watching in order, carefully chosen, or randomly picked.

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Being scared isn’t just about movies and television. There is something so fun about putting on a reading lamp at night, sitting in a cozy chair with a blanket, and reading a great scary book. Horror anthologies are a nice way to check out a whole range of different authors and their takes on horror. Once of my favorites, brought to you by the minds behind the Castle of Horror podcast, is the Castle of Horror Anthology. Volume one is already out, but I’ve heard hints at future volumes coming in the future. Buy it for your horror fan, and not only are you feeding into their horror habit, you are also supporting reading!


I remember watching Night on Elm Street when it first came out, and this movie seriously scared me. I was terrified to go to sleep at night. With these fun (scary) socks, your horror fan can always be close to such a cult classic. Freddy Krueger will smile up at your horror fan as they put on their shoes, making sure they remember to stay awake in class (because if not, we all know what happens when they fall asleep). In the pack come two pairs of socks, one with Freddy himself and one with his hat and terrifying gloves.

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Coloring books are exploding in popularity. They promise to calm you and help you relax. And I can’t think of a better way for your horror fan to relax than with The Beauty of Horror coloring book! From the zombie apocalypse to seriously creepy torture chambers, your horror fan is going to want to sit down and start coloring immediately. It’s chock full of pages (80 pages) promising hours of coloring fun. The illustrations are beautiful and intricate, and the good news is that if your horror fan finishes this volume, there are more volumes in the series. Buy colored pencils or crayons, too, so they’ll be able to start coloring right away.


Of movie universes, The Conjuring universe is one of my favorites, and in it, the Annabelle movies are deliciously scary. I can’t think of anything better for your horror fan than getting them their very own Annabelle replica doll. Just imagine the look on their face when they walk into the room and see this beauty sitting on the rocking chair! They’re going to love it so much, that they’ll want to keep it with them always. (Or potentially hide it in the closet, because let’s face it. Annabelle is truly frightening!) Splurge a little on this for your horror fan if you are looking for the perfect scary gift!

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