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5 Scarves for People who Love Harry Potter, Staying Warm, and Looking Stylish

The weather is definitely getting colder and as such, we’re all pulling out the winter wear. Coats, boots, gloves, hats, and, not to be forgotten, scarves! Scarves are that winter accessory that is often forgotten, but when you buy your loved one the perfect scarf, they will never forget to wear it. They may love it so much that you’ll catch them donning it on those chilly days in the early fall or late spring even.

I remember growing up, every time we’d get ready to go out into the snow to play, my mom would wind a big bulky scarf around our neck making it almost impossible to look down. But scarves have come a long way. Whether you are looking to keep your loved one warm for the chilly winter ahead or whether you’re hoping to feed into their favorite fandom, we here at Wrapped in a Ribbon have you covered. And we’ve got your loved one wrapped up in the perfect scarf. I offer up five amazing choices when it comes to scarves for those who love accessorizing.


I love the simple feel of the Love Lakeside Soft Cashmere Feel Winter Plaid scarf. It offers up a sort of grunge look, making it the perfect accessory for jeans and a sweater. There are so many colors to choose from, though my personal favorite is the bright multi buffalo check (shown here). The scarf is over five feet long and a foot wide, but not so bulky that it will get in the way of complimenting the perfect outfit.

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Always a popular fandom, if your special someone loves Harry Potter, I’d suggest casually asking them which house they fell into on Pottermore and then purchasing the appropriate scarf. They will be delighted with this official Cinereplicas accessory from their favorite fandom, which will not only keep them toasty warm but will have them looking smart and very wizardly. I personally fall into the Ravenclaw house and would love if someone happened to purchase one of these beauties for me. In addition to looking amazing, it’s a nice 75 inches long, making it able to be wrapped around and still  have plenty left over to show off the cool house insignia.



What could be a more perfect gift for a math lover or engineer than an infinity scarf covered in mathematical symbols and formulas? The scarf is handmade, and because of its design, it can be worn in a multitude of ways, making it a great nerdy accessory that can be kept on even when inside. See how amazing your math nerd looks when you opt for this amazing gift that is sure to please!

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If it is warmth and fashion that you are going for, then you can’t go wrong with this 100% Merino wool scarf made in Italy. Splurge a little for your loved one because they are worth it, and when they open this gift and wrap it on before heading out into the cold, you won’t regret a thing. The scarf is super soft, and as a warning is dry clean only. This is an accessory that will last forever and be treasured and passed down. As a note, the company, Angiola Made in Italy, makes a variety of different patterns and styles, so look through and see which one you think will be perfect for your loved one.



If you are leaning more toward the accessory and less toward the warmth, then a silk scarf might be the perfect choice. I love this dragon eye scarf by Bella Ballou. It’s just gorgeous and can go with so many things, dressing up or down an outfit perfectly. It’s near square design makes it a nice choice as a shawl for the shoulders or bandanna for the head, too, offering up choices when it comes to your loved one’s attire. Also the dragon detail and design is just amazing!

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