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5 Retro Candies for Candy Lovers

No matter what holiday or occasion is coming up, candy is always in season! Whether it’s stashing treats in a Christmas stocking or filling an Easter basket, there is a way to make candy work anytime of the year.

I admit it. I love candy. Growing up (a long time ago!) we didn’t have bowls of candy lying around the house. I had to work hard for candy, taking long bike rides up to the swimming pool or the Variety Store and using what change I could rummage up to buy my favorites. But the thing is many of these “favorites” are no longer mainstream candy choices.

Fear not! These retro candies are still available, and a retro candy basket is a perfect gift for that candy lover in your life. I did some digging around and came up with a list of my five favorite retro candies.


Definitely my mom’s favorite candy bar, she’d bring home Chunky Bars at least once a month. Milk chocolate with a generous amount of peanuts and raisins, there was nothing quite like biting into these delicious treats. Each bar is made up of four squares which you can break apart and share or keep all to yourself (my preference). Since they’re chocolate, ordering in the middle of summer may not be the best choice.

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Oh, caramel creams, how much do I love you? These are perfect gems of candy with a thick layer of caramel surrounding a delicious creamy center. You can pop them in your mouth whole and let the flavors combine. You can push the creamy middle out with your tongue and eat it first. Your candy lover is going to adore getting a bag of these. And the best part is that if you happen to be delivering the gift in person, they may even offer to share with you.


I like to think of the Charleston Chew as the summertime candy as it was a top choice for me at the swimming pool. There are a variety of flavors of this delicious candy (including strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla), but I’d recommend the vanilla if you’re going for that true retro feel. They come in full size bars or packs of minis, but once again, if going for that retro gift, go with the full size. Packaging says to try them frozen, though I myself have never done this.

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I have memories of eating Marathon Bars, delicious braided caramel covered in milk chocolate. And though sadly the Marathon Bar is no longer made, your candy lover can taste a perfect substitute in the Curly Wurly bar by Cadbury. They’re imported from Great Britain, so they may take a little bit longer to arrive, but they are worth the wait!


Even through middle school every girl my age adored candy necklaces. It was the candy gift that seemed endless as each individual piece of the necklace could be bitten off separately. And they tasted like sweet delicious goodness. Not only are candy necklaces great for your candy lover, they make great gifts to hand out as party favors. You can find them in all sorts of flavors, but I prefer old school traditional.

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