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5 Permanent Marker Packs That Everyone Needs

Trying to come up with a title for this post, the question of who needs packs of permanent markers is asked. Everyone and anyone needs (and wants) beautiful packs of markers that they can use to forever leave their mark on the world. I am not an artist in the last, but I adore getting a beautiful new pack of markers, whether they’re metallic or fine or neon or all black, there is something contained in the sets (possibility perhaps?) that brings the imagination to life.

It’s actually hard to go wrong when selecting a pack of markers. Even if your gift receiver already has something similar to what you ultimately choose, they will not be upset to get more. But why not try something more adventurous than standard Sharpie? There are so many options out there. My only caution: don’t get these packs for little kids. I still remember the day my son got hold of a blue permanent marker… I’m still trying to get the ink off the coffee table. But I digress. I’ve searched around and come up with some of my favorite (most wanted) packs of permanent markers.



If you’re looking for a good basic set that won’t set you back too much money, this Shuttle Art pack is a great place to start. With 48 colors, your gift received will find nearly every color they need to match pretty much anything. The tips here are fine point (think standard Sharpie tip), and the markers themselves are low odor. A pretty, basic choice.

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If you’re shopping for the more serious artist, then dual-point alcohol based markers are something to consider. One issue with alcohol based markers is that they can be pretty pricey, making them hard to afford. But this Caliart set for 40 markers is a great choice. Each marker features both a fine tip and a broad tip, and with 40 colors, your artist will be able to blend and create anything!




Sharpie is a great, solid name in permanent markers, and if you really want to wow your special someone, this pack of 72 Sharpies is the way to go. The pack features 32 fine points, 29 ultra-fine points, 5 neons, and 6 metallic markers, making it an amazing gift purchase that will keep your creative recipient happy for ages. In addition, it comes in this handy storage box so none of the markers will ever get misplaced (LOL!).




A fantastic name in high quality supplies, you can’t go wrong with this set of metallic permanent markers. They are made to last, and with a great entry price, they can be given for a special occasion or just as a simple “I’m thinking of you.” Various tips are available along with other colors, so make sure to scroll through the options and buy the ones you think will be perfect.

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I am a huge fan of ultra-fine point markers for just about anything. I write letters with them. I use them for labeling. And having a variety of colors when doing so helps my creativity bubble to the surface. I absolutely love these electro POP colors and can almost imagine them sitting on my desk in a fancy pencil cup. With colors like Ultra Violet and Nano Blue, your special someone will be thrilled!

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