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5 Paper Airplane Books for Aviator Fans of All Ages

Yesterday was National Paper Airplane Day, and if you’ve ever had an airplane enthusiast in the house, you know that all paper airplane books are not created equally. When I was young, we would do really basic folding to make an airplane. Every once in a while you’d craft one that could really fly. Maybe it was the paper. Maybe it was the extra attention to tight folds that you put into creating it. But most of the time, my paper airplanes kind of fly for about four feet and then plummeted to the ground. It’s not that I didn’t want to make nicer paper airplanes. I just didn’t know how. But there are so many paper airplane books to help you or your special someone reach that next level when it comes to the crafting of paper airplanes. I’ve collected together some of the funnest ones. And if you have a guide or book you use for making paper airplanes, let me know!


Paper Airplane BooksSTAR WARS

So I think it’s crazy cool that you can not only make paper airplanes, you can craft Star Wars folded flyers! I’m an adult, and I want to do this! The book comes with six designs, and five copies of each design, so you can build an entire fleet!

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If you’re looking for something a bit more basic and a good starting point for just about anything, this Ultimate Paper Airplanes book is a great choice. It comes wtih 12 designs and 48 tear-out pages, making it great for the whole family. Build the Hammerhead, the Space Cruiser, and even the Bellybutton!!!


Paper Airplane BooksFLYING DRAGONS

For the dragon fans in your life, check out this amazing Flying Dragons book! It comes with 12 dragons and a 48 page instruction book. And if that isn’t enough, it’s filled with fun dragon facts, too. This is definitely for the detail-oriented dragon lover in your life.


Paper Airplane BooksSPACESHIPS

Maybe dragons aren’t your special someone’s thing, but spaceships are! This is the book for you. It comes with 100 decorated tear-out sheets, promising days of entertainment. Your special someone can build alien cruisers or motherships, creating an entire alien fleet ready for invasion. Usborne is one of my favorite brands when it comes to activity books, and this paper airplane book is probably my favorite of the bunch.


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I have always been fascinated with the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, and this Flying Machines Paper airplane book is about the coolest thing ever. The book comes with 13 pop-out models with easy-to-follow instructions, and a slingshot launcher! Most of these inventions were never actually made in da Vinci’s lifetime. They were found in his drawings. But your special someone can channel their inner da Vinci with this beautiful book!



As a bonus, for your paper airplane fan, they are going to need some paper. The gift of paper never gets old. It lasts as long as their imagination. I love the Astrobrights pack. This one have five colors and 500 pages total.

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