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5 Keyboards for People Who Love Cool and Retro Things

As I sit here and type my blog posts (and my books!), my keyboard keeps missing letters. See, it’s really ancient, and it is pretty much time for me to get a new one. It’s a really basic keyboard: black, corded, full-size, but I’m thinking about getting something fun and different. Something that will make me smile when I sit down to work.

As you’re thinking of gifts for that special someone in your life, especially someone who is in front of their computer quite a bit, why not gift them a really cool, amazing keyboard? It’s something they may not buy themselves, but I’m willing to bet that they’ll be psyched when they open it. I’ve looked around and found some of my absolute favorites for you to consider as you’re shopping. And a side note, if anyone would like to buy me any of these, that would be just fine 🙂



If we are talking about the most gorgeous keyboard here, this one wins hands down. I love so many things about it, from the colors, to the rounded keys, to the white backlit aesthetic. It’s branded as steampunk, but this keyboard feels like so much more with much wider appeal. I love that it’s full-sized and corded, and since it has medium resistance, it offers an audible clicking sound which so many people love.

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I remember seeing this keyboard a couple years ago and falling completely in love with it. Of course, at that time, it was way expensive and I never bought it for myself. But the price has significantly dropped, and this is probably the top contender in my search for a new keyboard. The keyboard itself is slim, but the keys are at a great ergonomic height.



If price were not a factor, this is the keyboard I would want (but in fairness, I am an author, and the idea that this looks like a typewriter is a total win for me). It’s not full-sized, but I would be willing to accept that because this keyboard is that amazing. It offers both a wired and a wireless mode, making it a nice choice for someone (like me) who prefers the USB connection and also for those who don’t. As a final sweet note, it comes with a scroll knob and mechanical switches.



Okay, I may have spoken too soon. If money were not a factor, this may be the keyboard I would choose. The look of this one is absolutely beautiful, like it kind of reminds me of an Enigma machine and if I used it I would be some cool code cracker. It comes in a variety of colors, so when shopping for your special someone, make sure to look through the various options. The pictured version is my favorite, but the others are gorgeous, too. A few amazing notes: genuine wood and leather, makes clicking sounds, backlit, forged, polished, and plated. Yes, it’s pricey, but oh, it is so sweet.

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A quick note on this one. This is for the keycaps only, not the actual keyboard. If you love this option (like I do), make sure to purchase a compatible keyboard to go along with it. These keys remind me of a 1950s office building or a very early computer terminal, bringing to mind the wonderful nostalgia of an era of excitement and discovery. The keycaps set comes with 61 keys, and there are some options, so make sure to look through and see which you think your special someone will enjoy the most will be.

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