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5 Gifts to Bring for Thanksgiving Dinner

Great news! You’ve been invited to have Thanksgiving Dinner (or lunch) at someone else’s house! You don’t have to cook! Being the polite person that you are, you asked what you could bring, and of course, your generous host told you just to bring yourself. You have a few options. First, you could show up empty-handed, just like your host said. Nobody will think less of you, but it’s not going to make the most thankful impression. Second, you could stop by the grocery on the way and grab a pre-made pie. It’s a step up from showing up with nothing, but if they told you to bring nothing, then I’m guessing they already have dessert taken care of. Third, you could bring along a gift that meshes with the thankfulness of the holiday and will make them smile. Let’s step back and think about which of these options is the best…

Of course you should bring a gift! And not just any gift. A perfect gift. Your host will be so happy that they’ll invite you again and again. But wait? What is a perfect gift for Thanksgiving? This is new territory. Fear not. We here at Wrapped in a Ribbon have you covered. I’ve searched near and far to bring you five perfect gifts to bring when you’re heading somewhere for Thanksgiving dinner.


I won’t lie. My favorite thing a guest can bring over to my house is a bottle of wine. But that said, there is something so special about when they’ve actually taken the time to put it in a wine bag. Wine bags come is all types, from paper to fabric. For your Thanksgiving gift, I’d suggest this GRATEFUL, THANKFUL, BLESSED wine bag. It’s festive, darling, and can be re-gifted when you host has a dinner of their own to attend.

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Let’s face it. Thanksgiving dinner (or lunch) will only last so long. Everyone will eat, and then what? Watch football? Well, maybe. But when you gift this Thanksgiving joke book to your host, everyone is sure to have a blast sharing jokes as the food settles. You’ll have a blast as you and the rest of the Thanksgiving party make their way through this book with over 300 jokes and fun facts. Your host can use it as a regular joke book, or for more holiday fun, it can become a “try not to laugh” challenge. This is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!


Your host will be over the moon when you show up with these darling owl ceramic planters. Go the extra mile and pre-plant a succulent in one (or all) of them. With six in the set, your host will be able to use these all over the house. They’re perfect for not just succulents, but cacti, bonsai, or even something less traditional, like bamboo. The best part is that though they fit in great with the Thanksgiving holiday, they can be kept out year-round.

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This might be my favorite Thanksgiving gift ever. It’s a darling squirrel in the middle of a bowl that happens to be the perfect size for so many things. Your host can use this for not just nuts, but more clever and fun thing. Candy corn. M&Ms. Cherries. Edamame. The possibilities are endless, and it’s so cute, they may just want to keep it out year round. Also, the dish is a great size, making it perfect to keep on the kitchen table or counter top. Order one for yourself and one for your host because once you get this great item, you may not want to pass it on.


I know that I said not to stop and buy the store-made pie since dessert would already be taken care of, but there is always room for Oreos. Also, since temperatures have cooled off, shipping chocolate in the late fall and winter is perfect timing. These milk chocolate dipped Oreos from Philadelphia Candies come with a darling turkey on one side and are 8 to a pack, making them great for sharing after the meal is over. The best part is that since they are only Oreo-sized, there will be plenty of room for pie also!

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