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5 Gifts Ideas of Summer Solstice Art

Happy Summer Solstice! So many people are fascinated by the changes of season, the summer and winter solstices, and the vernal and autumnal equinoxes. Though they make perfect sense in a scientific, logical way, there has always been something mysterious about them also. Something supernatural. I love them for that reason, and I also think recognizing them and celebrating them helps us get closer to nature. Summer solstice art send a wonderful message to that special someone in your life. Like maybe that there is a connection on a deeper level that goes beyond the ordinary. There are so many clever and beautiful pieces of art that celebrate the changing of the seasons. I’ve collected together some of my favorites below.


Summer Solstice ArtSILVER SOLSTICE

I absolutely love this five piece solstice art. Made from metal by Pure Art, it’s about two feet by five feet and would look amazing in so many different places. The inset circles convey that deeper meaning that we link so much with the solstice. Absolutely gorgeous for an office, a bedroom, a family room, a hallway, or anywhere.


Summer Solstice ArtABSTRACT SUN

If you’re looking for something a little more abstract yet traditional when it comes to summer solstice art, this three piece abstract painting would be perfect. It comes in two different sizes, so make sure to pick the one that’s best for your special someone. This canvas piece would look amazing in a kitchen or sun room, and comes ready to hang.

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If you love the idea of a painting, but don’t want something quite as abstract as above, this three piece art set also captures the sun at three of its daily positions: sunrise, midday, and sunset but is definitely a bit less abstract. I love the three completely different scenes here, from the desert to the mountains, and how the colors, through different, all tie together. This comes in two different sizes, so make sure to pick the one you think will work best.


Summer Solstice ArtOCEAN SUNSET

If, when you’re looking for summer solstice art, you want something a bit more on the simple side, this five piece panel painting is so clever and beautiful while still being simple and gorgeous. It shows the setting sun on the ocean, hued in red, and would brighten up any wall that needs a bit of subtle color. It’s printed on canvas and comes in two different sizes.



And last on our list of summer solstice art is this three piece Tarot card art wall art set. The Tarot, like the solstice, has always drawn fascination, and if your special someone loves the idea of Tarot, when this is a great choice.  It comes with grommets already installed, making it easy to hang, and the simple black and white color scheme means it will got with anything and fit anywhere. This comes in three sizes, so make sure to order the one you think will work best.

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