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5 Gifts for Pizza Lovers

When it comes to food, pizza is one of the favorites! We get it for parties, team dinners. We eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (don’t judge me! It’s just so tasty!). We make breakfast pizza, dinner pizza, and even dessert pizza. I’ve eaten pizza with crust made out of chicken, with toppings of marshmallows. Is there anything that pizza can’t do?

I did some research on pizza and discovered some interesting statistics. 3 billion pizzas are sold each year in the United States. Americans eat 100 acres of pizza a year! On average that is 46 slices of pizza a year per person. I am more than willing to bet that there is someone in your life who loves pizza, and when you are considering gifts, why not go with a pizza-themed gift for that person who loves it a little bit more than the rest (like someone who eats 75 slices a year, not just a mere 46). I’ve eaten a couple slices of pizza just now and felt inspired, So I came up with some of my favorite pizza-themed gifts for your special someone.



Pizza socks? Yes, please. Like everyone needs socks, and so many people love pizza, and these socks? They come in a pizza box and they are rolled up to look like a pizza (in this case a Hawaiian pizza though there are other varieties. In this gift box are 4 distinct pairs of socks. Wear them matching or mismatch them. Anything is possible. Fun. Simple. Useful. Not edible.

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Say what you want about fanny packs, but they are making a serious comeback. Why? Because they are one of the most useful things ever invented. You have all your important possessions tucked right up close to your body, and with this amazing fanny pack, your special someone can sport their favorite food: pizza! This one has a slim design yet fits a ton of stuff. And if pizza isn’t what you’re looking for (not sure why, but whatever!), there are other designs available, including lollipops, pink leopard, and hot dog.



I think what everyone needs in their life is a pizza activity book. Complete with jokes, puzzles, and pizza facts, this book will entertain kids and adults. Did you hear the latest pizza joke? Nevermind. It’s too cheesy. 🙂 (I love silly humor.) 78 pages of fun sure to bring a smile to your gift-receiver’s face.



There is such a variety of pizza cutters out there, and so many of them seem like gimmicks that might not necessarily work well. A great pizza cutter is a must in every pizza lovers kitchen. This 14″ pizza cutter by Kitchenstar is sure to impress as it makes easy work of slicing any pizza no matter how thick. It comes with a blade cover, is dishwasher safe, and can be used for so many other things, not just pizza (like brownies, cheesecake, and dicing vegetables. I’m excited to gift this to someone, but not lying that this would also be extremely useful in my kitchen 🙂

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For the ones who loves pizza and cats, this is the perfect gift. Made by GUND, it’s a darling plush cat holding…yes, a slice of pizza! Perfect to clip on a backpack at only 5″, your special someone will love it. And once again, if pizza is not their thing (!), it comes in other designs, including cupcake, donut, chips, and sundae (yum!).

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