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5 Gifts for People Who Love Secret Codes

A secret message holds hope and promise and adventure, and I have always been fascinated with them. People love the concept of creating secret messages, even simple ones, and they’ve been a clever tool since writing first gained popularity. Today, we have fun with secret writing. We leave messages for our friends and family, and I have to imagine that thousands of years ago, the same was true. Secret messages are not only for spies. They’re for everyone, and because of that, I’ve come up with some of my favorite gifts for people who love secret codes!


Anyone who has read (or watched) The Da Vinci Code remembers this amazing puzzle. I’d never heard of this kind of thing before, but after reading the book, I wanted one so much. It’s like a combo bicycle lock, puzzle, and I bet your special someone who loves puzzles and hidden messages will adore this cryptex. Comes with a beautiful gift box, making it a perfect gift choice. Oh, and if you want to send one my way, I would not mind that at all!

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I own this book and have read it cover to cover. The book is filled with all sorts of ways to encode secret messages, and OMG there are some seriously clever people out in the world. Like this book makes me want to be a code breaker but also shows how challenging code breaking could be. I adore this book, and your secret codes fan will love it, too. Pair it with one of the other gifts and you’ve got the perfect present!



Not only are puzzle boxes a great way to hide away your secrets, they’re also cool. This one is gorgeous, with a kind of a vintage/Egyptian feel to it. It comes in a bunch of different colors, making it so you can get the one that most resonates with your special someone. I’d personally go for the red or blue, but there in an uncarved option, so your special someone could engrave/paint their own special design. Or maybe if you’re super talented, you could paint it and then gift it to them.

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So I’m a member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, and they always advertise a decoder ring. I have always wanted one! How cool to have at your fingertips the power to easily unlock secret messages. Buy two, one for you and one for your special someone, and you can pass messages back and forth all day long. Make sure to check the size before ordering.



If you’re looking for something that’s going to look amazing on display or possibly a prop for an escape room you’re putting together, this is it. The cipher wheel will help encode and decode messages, and is just plain awesome looking. Laser engraved, made of wood, and is an English to Greek decoder/encoder which makes it extra fun.

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