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5 Gifts for People who Love Disco

There’s something about the steady beat of disco music that makes even the best of us want to strut down the street like John Travolta in Saturday Night Live. I lived through the disco era. And now, I’m watching my high school daughter and college son get into the awesome rhythms the era offered. We can’t go back to the 70s. That’s how time works. But for any disco lovers in your life, we here at Wrapped in a Ribbon have some fantastic gift offerings you might want to consider when it’s time to buy a gift.

Whether you’re decorating like you live in the 70s or looking to dress the part, living with disco is a statement. From disco balls to the coolest bell-bottoms this side of the Atlantic Ocean, your disco lover will be thanking you for the next four decades (Wait! Has it really been that long?) Read on to find the perfect gifts that are going to make your disco lover happy.


It doesn’t matter what you are wearing. Put on these disco ball earrings, and any outfit will be complete. You don’t have to stay at home to enjoy disco. Wearing these earrings allows your disco lover to bring the party with them. The best part? This comes with two sets, one for you giftee, and one for them to share with someone else. That’s twice the disco love. Just a note that these disco ball earrings, though light-weight, are way bigger than you might imagine (which is awesome as far as I am concerned). These are not wimpy little earrings. They are going to make a statement.

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OMG these boots! I seriously want every color, and there are so many to choose from. They come in every color of the rainbow, and feature a chunky three inch heel, making sure that no matter what outfit your disco lover chooses to wear, there will be boots to match. With a zipper, they do stretch to fit over larger calves, though if your disco lover’s calf is much over 15 inches, they may not be a safe bet. Use them for a superhero costume or with your best disco go-go dress. They will be a hit at any party.


No party is complete without a sound-activated remote-controlled colored strobe light! Plug this thing in, dim the lights, put on the disco music, and not even the shyest of people will be able to stand in the corner avoiding the fun. Strobe lights have a way of making anyone get out and dance, and with the Luditek Party Light, your disco lover can bring the disco with them no matter where they go. There are 3 sound modes, 7 lighting modes, and a rotating speed control, making sure the party will never get boring. Pair it with some fine disco music and I dare you to not dance.

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Don’t settle for some small disco ball for your disco lover. Go big or go home with the 20″ Eliminator Lighting Disco Mirror Ball. This thing is huge and perfect to put in a bedroom or a family room. Pair it with a rotating motor or a light, and the disco vibe will be complete. There are all sorts of gimmicks when it comes to disco balls, but here at Wrapped in a Ribbon, we believe in the classic for your disco lover. Don’t go cheap. Invest in a gift they will want to keep forever!


All proper disco lovers and hippies wear oversized round sunglasses, and we’ve found some great ones for you to gift to your disco lover. Whether they’re running to the grocery store or hitting up the nearest club, these Hippie Retro Groove Lennon sunglasses will make a statement. They’re available in a wide variety of colors, including bright red and silver black, so you can customize to your disco lover’s favorite color. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look awesome and cool, and they are way bigger than you might think!

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