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5 Gifts for People Who Love Deep Dish Pizza

April 5th is National Deep Dish Pizza day! I’m not sure about you guys, but I love deep dish pizza! I lived in Chicago for a year, and I still remember the delicious variety. So much cheese! Toppings baked in. The crunch. The taste. If and when I make it back to Chicago, I’m going to try a different pizza place every single day. But until that time happens, I’ve searched around and found some perfect gifts for people who love deep dish pizza just like me. Whether your special someone wants to make their own or have it delivered, we’ve got you covered. And if you have a perfect solution for deep dish pizza, I’d love to hear it! Let me know!



So maybe your special someone loves deep dish pizza but they don’t want to make it themselves. No worries! One of my favorite places from Chicago was Gino’s East! And you can be a pizza hero by having two frozen deep dish pizza delivered right to the door. Choose from sausage, cheese, pepperoni, spinach, or meat lovers, and enjoy. If your special someone really likes you, they may even invite you over to share (after stay-at-home is done, of course).

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Deep Dish Pizza CookbookPIZZA COOKBOOK

Maybe your special someone really does want to make their own pizza. And maybe they want to try different kinds. If so, then the perfect gift is the THE GREAT CHICAGO-STYLE PIZZA COOKBOOK! With this cookbook, your special someone can recreate all their favorite Chicago pizzas at home, including all their deep dish pizza favorites. Again, maybe they’ll invite you over to sample some of their different creations.


Deep Dish Pizza PanPIZZA PAN

If you’re buying for someone who is just starting out in the pizza making hobby, the first and possibly most important thing they are going to need is a pizza pan. This pizza pan is solid and is sure to make an amazing pizza pie. But don’t feel like that’s the only thing it can be used for, Make cookie cake in it. Or nachos. So many possibilities! A great pan overall, whether they ever make pizza in it or not.



Grabbing a hot pizza pan out of the over does not have to be a challenge. That’s why gadgets like this pizza gripper have been invented. This heavy duty set of tongs makes it easy to get a solid hold on a pizza pan, a bowl, or basically anything. It’s designed to be no-slip so your special someone will be able to trust it. That said, if I were trying it for the first time, I’d use it on something non-breakable a few inches above the counter first to make sure I knew what I was doing. But that’s just me.

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There is not better way to cut pizza than with a rocker knife. I have one and I use it all the time, for so many thing, not just pizza. It’s the perfect brownie cutter, cookie cake cutter, pie cutter. You get the idea. This one is nice and small, making it so it will fit in pretty much any pan (even smaller diameter deep dish pizza pans). I love mine, and your special someone will love theirs too!


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