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5 Gifts for People Who Like a Great Piña Colada

Last week was National Piña Colada Day, and somehow I let it pass me right by! If I’d known, I would have celebrated with a tasty frozen drink and some amazing Piña Colada gifts for those who love tropical drinks like I do. But the great thing about summer is that every day can be National Piña Colada Day! I love that. In fact, today is a perfect day to make yourself and a friend a Piña Colada from scratch. And hey, while you’re at it, why not check out some of the fun and tasty Piña Colada gifts that I found when I searched around a bit? There are some fun ones, and alcohol isn’t even required!



I have this thing about cake-in-a-jar and cake-in-a-mug that just fascinates me! Here is the truth through. I have never made such a tasty treat. I’ve always wanted to make Smores Cake-in-a-jar, but after seeing this perfect mug, I may have to change my “want” to be a Piña Colada mug cake instead! Oh yeah, and check out all the other great flavors they have in case Piña Colada is not your thing.

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When I was getting ready to go into labor and was told I could have lollipops, you can bet I bought these giant delicious treats! I think I went with a strawberry yogurt flavor at the time, but if I’d known there was Piña Colada, it would have been my choice! I love the combination of cream and coconut that goes into a Piña Colada, and your special someone will also. Best part? There are 30 in the pack, so you all can enjoy Piña Colada lollipops for a while!


Piña Colada GiftsHONEY STICKS

I wasn’t quite sure what a honey stick was until I saw these. Apparently you can put them in coffee, tea, or even snack on them alone. And what makes a honey stick even better? That’s right! Adding Piña Colada to it! If you’re looking for some fun Piña Colada gifts, add this pack of 100 honey sticks to the cart! There is enough to enjoy and share with everyone.


Piña Colada GiftsWALL ART

If you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain then this is the art you’ve been looking for! It’s so funny how after so many years, this song is still a classic. All it takes is hearing a few notes and pretty much everyone in the room starts singing. Note that the frame isn’t included, so make sure to order a frame along with it if you choose this from our Piña Colada gifts.

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And last on the list of Piña Colada gifts but definitely not least is this delicious Piña Colada cotton candy! Yes, there is such an invention, and yes you can have it for yourself or to order for your special someone. Also note on this that if Piña Colada isn’t your thing, there are other choices, including Champagne, Margarita, and Mimosa. This is a super sweet fun novelty gift that will make any Piña Colada fan happy!

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