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5 Gifts That Give Back

You know those people in your life who seem to have everything and don’t need or want anything else? Sometimes, my parents are those people and I have a hard time buying gifts for them. That was until I came across Oxfam Gifts. My parents like to help others, so I thought a charitable gift in their name might be the perfect choice. At all her holiday parties that year, my mother’s favorite story was how her daughter had given her a goat. It sparked lots of questions and laughs, and I looked like a champion gift giver.

If you’ve got some people on your list who care about people and the earth, consider giving them a gift that gives to others. And bonus, most of these also give to your loved one too.


People who love our wonderful plant will adore getting boxes from Earthlove. Each box is filled with six to eight sustainable items like tea, snacks, skincare, books, beauty, and artisanal products from around the world. Plus they’re sustainable, cruelty free, vegan, eco-friendly and follow fair trade. Seasonal boxes can be bought as a single box or a bi-annual or annual subscription. Earthlove also has limited edition boxes, like their current Global Sustainability Box, which contains the book In the Company of Trees, a cotton tea towel from Ethiopia, saffron chai loose leaf tea from Afghanistan, a large organic bowl cover from Canada, an organic coconut bowl with spoon from Vietnam, a necklace from India, clay mask in a handmade Egyptain glass bottle from Tunisia and Egypt and organic coconut oil from the Philippines. You can also buy their one-time Mystery Box with eco-friendly items from past boxes, available in three sizes. As well as being filled with wonderful, sustainable items from around the world that your loved ones can enjoy themselves, each box gives back to the planet.

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Karma Candle Club


We could all use a more good karma and light in our lives, which is why I love the idea for the Karma Candle Club. The subscription box delivers small batch candles and a themed surprise gift on the 15th of every month, making it a gift that keeps on giving. The candles are natural, clean burning, lead-free and vegetable-based, with fun flavors like Juniper Berry and Cactus Flower. Three box sizes are available, and for every box shipped, Karma donates to one of three charities that you choose from: Mercy for Animals, No Kid Hungry and The Life You Can Save. Now that’s good karma.

PuraVida Bracelets


Pura Vida might look like a company that sells beautiful jewelry at reasonable prices, but it also gives much-needed jobs to full-time artisans in places like Costa Rica, El Salvador and India as well as donates to causes. Pura Vida has a wide range of bracelets, rings, necklaces and more. Some are braided and others are gold or silver plated brass with beautiful gems. They’re fun, pretty and elegant. You can even buy jewelry that supports specific charitable causes, like cancer awareness, environmental issues, animals and more. For an ongoing gift, you can subscribe your loved one to the Pura Vida Jewelry Club, which sends out two exclusive pieces of jewelry like rings, earrings, cuffs, etc., every month; or their Bracelet Club, which features three exclusive bracelets each month. And if fun jewelry that gives back isn’t good enough, Pura Vida is great on the budget. Bonus!

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Another company that supports artisans from around the world, GlobeIn collects handmade items like glassware, dishware, jewelry and more. Products can be bought individually or in fun themed boxes. There’s also an Artisan Box subscription offer, where each box contains four to five handmade items with a value of at least $70. And you can get $10 off any Artisan Box Subscription with promo code WELCOME. Members of the Fair Trade Federation, GlobeIn provides beautiful goods to us and empowerment through dignified jobs and fair wages to artisans in more than 50 countries around the world. That’s a win win.


This charitable giving suggestion doesn’t have products, but like the Oxfam gifts, has the satisfaction of knowing that the gift has helped the Earth. The mission of Click A Tree is to plant trees around the world to protect the environment and those living in it. Trees not only provide food, wood, and help to clean our air, they are also necessary habitat for many endangered animals. With Click A Tree, you can buy a loved one the gift of Trees for the Seas, building up needed mangroves in Madagascar and Indonesia to help turtles and other marine life; Trees for Tigers, increasing their habitat in India and Nepal; and Trees for Tuskers, helping to save elephants in Thailand, Kenya and India. Be aware that the prices are in Euros, so when you’re ordering, use a credit card that won’t charge you additional foreign transaction fees.

Do you like to give gifts that give more?

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