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5 Fun Money Banks to Help Save Your Pennies

Happy National Be A Millionaire Day! I admit that I’ve never heard of this holiday, but the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it was that if you want to be a millionaire, you better save your money. And if you want to save your money, there is nothing like choosing from among some fun money banks to do so! I have a few piggy banks around my house. Some are from my childhood. Some are cast off from my kids. Some are simple mason jars. It’s nice seeing the change grow.

If you’ve ever sat down and rolled coins, it’s actually a ton of fun. I know they have those machines at the grocery store that will count your coins for you, but they take some percentage of your money if I’m remembering right. Rolling coins with the family is a great and fun activity. But it all has to start with the coins. And those coins need to be saved somewhere. Look! We’re back to fun money banks. Whether you are looking for something nerdy, fun, or attractive, there are lots to choose from. I’ve found some of my favorites to share with you. Got one you love? I’d love to see it!

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Fun Money BanksPUZZLE BANK

This really cool money bank goes back to my love of puzzles. This is more like a safe, to keep other people out. Gift it to your special someone, but before you do, fill it with coins, candy, a new cell phone. Really, anything you want. I personally think coins would be the most impressive looking, and then you’re already getting them off on the right foot with saving!



It you’re looking for something a little more decorative, then this metal own money bank is a really cool choice. The design makes it easy to see the coins being saved, and it’s so nice looking, it will look great in any room. If, for some reason, you aren’t sold on the owl design, look at some of the sponsored products for this one. There are a ton of really cool options, all with the same artistic look.



If you’re looking for fun money banks that are a little more nerdy, then of course Star Wars has you covered. There are a nice variety of Star Wars money banks to choose from, but my favorite of the bunch is the Death Star. That said, the BB-8 and R2D2 are pretty close behind. Check through some of the options, and find the perfect nerdy one for your special someone.

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The happy cat money bank will not only help you save money, it is guaranteed to bring good luck (okay, I made that up). But that said, it’s the perfect size to look great almost anywhere. You can order this in white or black, so pick the one you think will be best. Then let your special someone fill it with coins (and good luck!).



For you Miyazaki fans out there, this is the money bank you’ve been looking for. When you click over to the product, check out all the different images for this one to see how it works. Yes, No Face Man opens his head up and swallows the coin. I’m not going to lie. It’s a bit terrifying. But then again, the movie is a little scary, too. I kind of love this bank. It’s a great choice for the true collector.

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