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5 Fun Gifts for Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! And Happy Taco Tuesday! Even with current times, it’s the perfect time to celebrate with some Cinco de Mayo gifts! A couple quick things about this holiday. First, it is not Mexican Independence Day as many people think, though it is a pretty major holiday. And second, 19 years ago, to celebrate, I went into labor and gave birth to my son a few hours later. I’m pretty sure he thinks it’s a pretty cool holiday to share his birthday with. During normal times, he celebrates with a giant sombrero and his friends. Despite what he thinks, that is not going to happen this year 🙂

Cinco de Mayo is a fun holiday to celebrate. It’s low key. It’s fun and festive. And it’s an excuse for chips, salsa, and possibly a margarita or two. It’s also a great reminder that celebrating is never a bad idea. So if you’re in the mood to be festive today or any other day, I’ve collected together some fun gifts for Taco Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo, or really any day. If you have plans to celebrate, let me know!



If you’re in the market for some really fun and handy coasters, these Taco Tuesday ones are what you’ve been looking for. They’re made of leather, which is actually really nice when it comes to coasters, they have a handy little holder, making them perfect for a coffee table, side table, or wherever. And, just in case tacos are not your thing, there are lots of fun options to check out, including a dabbing dog and a couple others that shall not be mentioned. Check them out for yourself!

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Cinco de Mayo GiftsPARTY SOMBRERO

I think a giant sombrero is always a fun way to celebrate pretty much any occasion. It’s kind of like a tiara. There is always a reason to wear one. I love this sombrero especially because it’s top quality and it comes in a nice variety of colors and designs. Whether you are looking for pink, black, red, or white, check out all the amazing designs. You are sure to find something perfect for that special one you think this will look amazing on!


Cinco de Mayo GiftsCAT MUG

I’ve mentioned it before and I will mention it again, but I love a good pun. Cinco de Meow is perfect, and I’m not even a cat person. If you have a cat person you’re shopping for who also loves a festive time, gift them this mug! They can start the morning out with a fun cup of coffee (or tea) in their fancy mug. A great choice when it comes to Cinco de Mayo gifts!


Cinco de Mayo GiftsCACTUS TUMBLERS

You can’t drink from a real cactus, but you can drink from these amazing cactus tumblers! Whether it’s juice, milk, or perhaps something a little more festive, this set is so much fun. Not just for use one Cinco de Mayo, these are great to bring out when a friend stops by to visit (or maybe for the friend to have and share for when you go visit them). The picture only shows two tumblers, but they do come as a set of 4!

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I want this tiny cute dog, but if I can’t have the dog, I’ll settle for the Mexican blanket poncho. I have two darling little dogs myself, and I know they would look amazing in this. One of them would hate it, but the other would be thrilled. If you’re looking for a pooch, make sure to check the sizing guide so you can order the correct size. Shown is the blue pattern, but it also comes in a pink pattern, too! Woof!

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