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5 Fitness Tracking Journals for the New Year

Possibly the most popular New Year’s Resolution out there is “I’m going to get in shape.” Am I right? And even if this doesn’t happen to be one of your New Year’s Resolutions, it’s a safe bet that someone in your life has this goal. A great way to show support is to help someone reach their goals, and when it comes to getting in shape, a fitness tracker is a perfect gift.

There are all sorts of separate goals when it comes to fitness. Aerobic exercise, eating right, lifting weights, getting enough sleep. Whatever the specific goal may be, there is a fitness tracker to match it. And having a fitness tracking journal helps people stay on track and remain excited while they work toward their goal. There are all sorts of trackers out there, but I’ve come up with a handful of my favorites for you to consider when shopping for your special someone.



Keep track of whatever specific exercises are desired, including cardio, with The Lift Log. One of the secrets to this logbook’s success is the frequent check-ins. Checking in often keeps up motivated on our fitness journeys. And for those who are new to the exercise regimen, The Lift Log comes with workout ideas and muscle group illustrations, to help you get the most out of your workout.

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The Bodyminder Workout and Exercise Journal is not just for the gym. It also helps track daily activities, like walking the dog to dancing around the kitchen while preparing meals. And speaking of meals, there are places to record meals and caloric intake, making it overall a great choice for those who are looking to not only get fit at the gym but in every aspect of their lives.



The Track Your Fitness logbook is a great choice for those who want to bring the book with them everywhere and want it to last. The pages are thick, the cover is laminated. There are different versions of the logbook, for workouts, for nutrition, or a combination of the two. This one was created by professionals who understand what needs to be tracked in order for our goals to be reached. Simple and solid.



If you’re looking for something cute, simple, and organized, the Hello New Me Food and Exercise Journal is what you are looking for. With a subtitle to Help you Become the Best Version of Yourself, this charting logbook is not just for those headed to the gym to lift weights. It will help you identify food cravings and your reactions to them, monitor your water intake, and record how your moods affect what you put in your mouth. A great solid choice for many.

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If you’re shopping for someone like me, I can never remember if I had the weight set on 50 or 70 pounds for bicep curls. Or how many reps of leg press I did. This is what I really need help tracking, and the Gympad is a great journal choice for that. With easy-to-understand tracking and motivational quotes on every page, this logbook is simple, useful, and straighforward.

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