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5 Fancy Cookies to Treat Yourself

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day, and whether you had a valentine or not, that was yesterday. Today is a whole new day, and it is a great day to treat yourself to some fancy cookies. Sure, you could drive to the local grocery store and grab a pack of Oreos and call it done, or you could splurge just a little bit and order some fancy cookies to have delivered to your home. You will not be sorry (unless you hate cookies in which case you will be sorry), and you don’t even have to send yourself a thank you card! I’ve collected some of my favorite cookies below, but please, if you have any allergies, check ingredients before ordering! Remember, this is supposed to be a treat!



If you are going for most beautiful cookies, it’s hard to beat colorful macarons. These beauties come 15 to a box (all different flavors) and are packed individually for freshness (so you don’t have to eat all 15 all at once!). Beautiful box, beautiful cookies, and tasty!



These are not your average coconut creme cookies that you buy in bulk on the cookie aisle. These are the real thing, made with real coconut. But if coconut doesn’t happen to be your thing, you have options! You can also get Fudge Chocolate, Lemon Creme, and Maple Creme. You could pick two different flavors if you really wanted to treat yourself (which of course you do!).

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You knew Oreos had to be in here somewhere, and thus I give you Bonnie and Pop’s chocolate covered Oreos. Individually wrapped and in a gorgeous gift box, you are going to enjoy unwrapping and savoring each scrumptious treat. Sure, you could buy some Oreos and melt some chocolate, but this is all about the treat, remember. These cookies are the way to go!



A heavenly cloud-like marshmallow cookie coated in pure dark chocolate. Um, yes, sign me up, please. But these here have an added raspberry layer baked into the center (though fear not – the option is there is you just want to get the original). So these cookies are like a favorite in Quebec, but who says the Canadians get to enjoy all the tasty treats. Order these for yourself, and you can pretend to be Canadian just for a bit.



So maybe you’re thinking that you don’t want any of these fancy cookies. What you want, what you really really want, are traditional cookies, the kind like you bake at home. Except you don’t want to bake. Welcome to David’s cookies. This great gift tin has three flavors, triple Chocolate Chunk, peanut butter Chunk, and s’mores (or you can just get a container of only peanut butter Chunk if you prefer). You are not going to go wrong with this!

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